7 Unspectacular things about me … the FASHION edition

September 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

Thanks to Nory for tagging me. Egads, I’ve been “meme tagged!” 
Tch, tch, you say, that’s not a big deal.
Yes-huh! It IS! I have never been tagged before.
And, by my daughter? I will assume it’s because she thinks I’m (somehow) worthy of dishing on fashion. She knows I read VOGUE. She also points out from time to time that I don’t dress VOGUE. Sigh. 

So I”m doing it, answering these.

1. WHAT I’D BE HAPPY TO WEAR … ALL THE TIME: Oh well, big surprise, it would be black. Or black and white. Probaby my St. John slacks and jacket. Sounds boring? Too Jolie-esque? Too matronly? Pooh. the outfit rocks. The pants have gold zipper pockets – usable! the jacket gets along well with me. The shoulders are right, not padded, not rounded. Just … right. Don’t need a shirt, really. Can zip the jacket up to just … about … there.  It’s a big confidence outfit.
Otherwise? this great little black and white (of course) skirt that HM bought for me. with the white ruffled blouse. I am so not Miss Ruffles, but this top makes me laugh. That works, right?

2. WHERE DO I SHOP? It would be quicker to ask where I DO NOT shop. I think I like certain labels more than any particular store though there are stores, like Nordstrom, where you can drop in, find something and get out, all in a lunchhour and end up with something terrific off the sale rack. Sale racks are for real shoppers (which I don’t have time to be) but Nordstrom nails “sale” really well.
Fave labels? I love Nine West, Ann Taylor, St. John, Mr. Ralph Lauren (someone should knight him), Nautica, and my blue jeans from Walmart that I bought off the shelf without trying them on one day about six years ago and they are still my favorites!!!

3. I WEAR MY HAIR: messy. I’ve always liked the bed-head look. This makes no sense and it isn’t always appropriate. But I’m not afraid to change my haircut or color. And so recently, I had it cut, shagged,layered and bang-ed. It is fun. Waaay fun. But it’s not real short – it’s not the middle aged mom thing ( I don’t think it is, is it?) It’s a lot of work, though. Not quite chin-length hair is a LOT of work. But you get to play with all that pomade, gummy, gel-y, and shiny stuff. 

4. BIGGEST FASHION FAUX PAS: hmmm… I commit them daily. Silver and gold. Black and brown. And length – I don’t always get that right. It has nothing to do with trend; it has to do with what looks good on any given individual. But it’s so much fun to break rules, too. Surely, fashion wise, I don’t break rules enough!

5. WHAT FASHION TREND DID I TRY THAT DIDN’T WORK: Can’t remember. Must have blocked it. Nope, got nothing. (that means there were and are plenty of mistakes going on.)

6. PIERCINGS? Honestly, piercing anything on purpose makes me nauseous. I waited decades (literally) to get my ears pierced. Still I cannot think about the event. But what’s a girl to do if she wants to wear the very cool earrings?  Stop complaining. Pass me the big hoops.

7. WHEN DO YOU GET TO CELEBRATE THE BEST FASHION? AT WHAT AGE?: At all ages, absolutely! I try to avoid the same old same old which should not be confused with one’s personal trademark, either. Hey, come to think of it, I don’t have a trademark, other than always swooping my hair up out of my face. I don’t miss the teens nor the twenties in terms of fashion. I think it all works, at all ages; it’s how you mix it maybe, but it’s really how you wear it, right?

OK, I gotta go change.



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§ One Response to 7 Unspectacular things about me … the FASHION edition

  • laylou says:

    NO, your hair is not middle-aged mom, I promise. And yes, I chose you becase you do read Vogue and have fantastic outfits. =)

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