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September 20, 2008 § 5 Comments

How about you?   Is there a book you’d love to read that hasn’t been written?  What do you love reading about, and how could you write about it?  What fascinates you that could become the subject for your next story, essay, poem, or blog post? This is Becca’s prompt this week as, once again, she inspires us to examine the Writing Life.

I’m so late to Becca’s prompt that you’d think I had some really good answer to it by now. But honestly, I don’t. My eyes feel like two peeholes in the snow. My right knee has its usual “hey, you’re not a teenager” cramp. The coffee is apparently dripping extra-slowly into the pot this morning. Come on! I have a 150-page ms to proof and hand in. (ooo, my eyes didn’t like hearing that!) and I was out well past the Letterman hour last night because HM’s band was playing at a pub and being married to someone in the band is a fantasy come true after years of sighing and dreaming over musicians on stage. ANd, no doubt humorous to some of the attending crowd, some of my friends and I decided it was appropriate to dance (or, at least, bop) to the music.
So I think that more than my knee is complaining this morning!

OK, all that aside … I mean, what writer worth her mettle can’t get below the surface of all those exterior things hollering at her to escape and slide into the writing zone?
I shall give it a whirl.

IS THERE A BOOK I’D LIKE TO READ THAT HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN? I don’t know. I think in terms of books, I think we think inside the box. Character, plot, happy, sad, down and up. There might be something else, but that wall has not yet been dismantled.
The good news, is, though, that there is always a great book coming down the pike that is great, for whatever reason, at the moment that it’s being read.
Maybe it’s the mood the reader is in.”
Maybe it’s the setting, taking the reader somewhere he hasn’t been before.
Maybe it’s the character, either the character’s universality, or uniqueness.
Maybe it’s just damn good writing and we don’t really care about the story – come on, you know that happens.
So, (cutting my above list short) there is likely a book that hasn’t been written yet that I’d love to read and it probably defies all “book” rules. In the meantime, I fall in love with books all the time.
Still, I don’t believe books have gone everywhere we’d be happy to go.
But that’s the book I’d like to write. Break through all kinds of walls and rules and write it. (I’m not talking about chaos, though.)

WHAT FASCINATES YOU (reading-wise)?
I love reading about New York City. Its energy. Its history if it’s compellingly presented (but I don’t read straight up history -hey, we’re talking entertainment here …!)
I love reading about character interactions because of the City.
I love hearing about the neighborhoods and picturing them.
I love reading about people living there because “place” is such a strong element in their stories/lives.
Yeah, I’m a sop for the City.

So, yes, I’d like to write a book about NYC. That takes place there. A novel. Even a short story. Forget the poetry. I’m not wired that way though I swoon over poetic lines and marvel at how poets do it. If I could edit my writing enough, I might end up with a poem, but poets see things “poetically” to begin with and don’t have to write a 1,000 word paragraph in order to come up with their piercing, killingly rich lines … or, do they?
I digress.
Sipping some coffee …


1.New York (ok, we’ve clarified that)
2.Dogs (beagles, especially)
3. The surrealists (Breton, Dali and the gang)
4. Dolphins (though I’ve spent hours watching them, I don’t know squat about them and should stop applying my human perceptions to them)
5. The writing process (aha!)

I wish everyone that reads Becca’s write on wednesday blog and comments could come over. Really. I’ve made another pot of coffee and it’s a grey day, there’s plenty of room here in the “library” (aka family room) and these prompts get me so in the writing mood. Cleaning and shopping be gone! Tear up that errand list. Let’s just do the writing thing.

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§ 5 Responses to writeonwednesday … the best book

  • anno says:

    Sounds good to me — write the book!
    I’ll join you with some tea here in Michigan. My writing task today, though, is reading my daughter’s essays and working with her to develop stronger topic and transitional sentences. Maybe something for my blog later.
    Enjoy your coffee & your writing time!

  • Bonnie says:

    I could use some of that coffee as well. And I’m with on everything NYC! I am thankful to live close enough to be there in less than 30 minutes when I riding against the traffic.
    How about you???
    And I know what you mean about the crunch and guilt and still get to write.

  • Becca says:

    I never turn down a good cup of coffee!

    I love your posts- they’re always so full of energy, which is infectious! And even though it’s late now, you’ve put me in the mood to write 🙂

  • Jeanie says:

    How I should love to join you for a good discussion! I love this list — New York IS full of energy and stories, isn’t it — a million stories in the Naked City — and I’m waiting for yours! I find it interesting that there are books I like to read at a certain time. Later I might revisit them and it’s just not working. Or, I might pick it up, it’s not right then, but later, it’s great. I think that goes to your mood point. A very thoughtful post — as all yours are!

  • oh says:

    Anno, Our second (and youngest) is at college. I miss working with both kids at the kitchen table. I know you’re enjoying it. And one of these days, I switch to tea … maybe.
    Bonnie, I’m miles and miles from NYC here in the middle of the country now, in ST Louis!
    Thanks, Becca. hope you got some writing done – even a line or two!
    Jeanie – Urban energy is contagious, isn’t it? And yet I suppose my present city has it, too, at least the million stories. We may have to talk Becca into getting us all together for a write on wednesday writers conference. Can you imagine?

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