Six Word Sunday nite …

September 21, 2008 § 3 Comments

 (photos taken on Pinellas Bay overpass, FL)
 No, I don’t ride. But I wouldn’t mind it. The lure of the open road on a motorcycle calls to a lot of us.

Does anyone remember the TV show “Then Came Bronson?” (1969-1970) It was before the movie Easy Rider.  Actor Michael Parks played Jim Bronson, a news reporter who heads out on the road after the suicide of his best friend and an argument with his editor boss. Bronson helped people in his travels, helped them affect a change in their lives. It is (perhaps incorrectly) compared to the image of the lone cowboy tooling around in the West. I don’t remember it that way.

I do remember that when touring France with a friend on motor bikes (they were NOT Harleys), I named mine “Bronson.”  Oh good grief, how corny! Really? My friend’s moto was tagged “Rocinante.”

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§ 3 Responses to Six Word Sunday nite …

  • anno says:

    Despite the fact that we have told our daughter that if she ever has even the urge to ride a motorbike, we will know (because we are her parents) and we will come and tie her up in her room until that urge passes, I must admit to an occasional lust in that direction. I recently saw a woman riding to work on a yellow motorbike; she had perfect ramrod posture, cool sunglasses, a helmet, and she was wearing the loveliest blue wool skirt and jacket… with tennis shoes… and I wondered if I had discovered my next role model.

    I love the idea of a bike named Bronson. It’s fun! Not corny; not corny at all.

  • oh says:

    Anno, you’re right! no daughters on bikes. As a romantic idea, perhaps. As a reality, no!
    But the around-town moped does have practical allure – wool skirt and all! (and on rainy days, we could stay home from work.)

  • qugrainne says:

    My daughters are constantly threatening me, “I want to ride on a motorcycle… you did, why can’t we?”
    “We didn’t know how dangerous it was, way back when,” is my answer…. if that makes any sense! I can understand their desire. It seems so romantic, and I do think of cowboys (and girls) when I see many of the more obviously freedom loving bikers, today.
    Anno’s story reminded me of a biker I saw last week: she was on a HUGE Harley, with a long brown skirt and a silk scarf around her neck, and riding on the back was her son, holding her briefcase, with his school back pack on his back. I stared!

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