September 25, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have to shoutout to some “virtual” acquaintances, and some miscellani. But don’t ditch on reading this entry just because you don’t know them. Check them out.

The Marmalade Gypsy has a wonderful “header” on her blog (and I”m not even a cat lover). She includes art and paper and writing and people on her blog – essentially a perfect mix of things we all love. Oh come on, you know you love people and books and paper, too – ok, recycled paper!)

To Fall – to the change in the color of the water when the clear sky shines on it. To that human thing that goes blip inside and says “yes, good. I’m ready for fall.”

To Shoreacres – who is mending from Ike, the bastard, now that she has safely sequestered her Mom in a warm dry place. “Shore” is busy rebuilding in Galveston but is also keying back into blogworld again, much to our mutual benefit. She combines art and thoughtful pieces, is a commenter and seems to have finger on the pulse of how to pace one’s life, even when it’s madly stirred.

To Fritz – (no blog, yet) Geez, I mention her and you go “who?” ANd I say, a writing friend who moved away but is ever a communicator. As soon as I sort through this pile on my desk (it’s a reasonable pile, as piles of paper go), I’m posting, with permission, one of her poems.

To Chevy’s – They put their margaritas in a very classy glass, which is edged in green and has the shape of a very chunky martini silhouette. It changes the entire margarita experience.

To Andilit – First, she does book reviews. And secondly, she sent me a book to review and has been ever so patient about receiving said review. Which is halfway written and begs me to sit down after work and send it off. I will not let you down.

To the September VOGUE – The trick is to not page through any other fall fashion mags. Do VOGUE first. Let all those designer ads and art photos be first to pop from this NY slick’s pages. It’s an oeuvre. There are about 70 ages of fashion before even hitting the Table of Contents. This issue is so fat, it will be tough to hold it open to read the articles. Yes! People read it for its articles! Given a wardrobe wish list, I’d have to roll with Dolce and Gabana so far (I’m only on page 100) this fall. They’ve shaken things up a bit. You can wear some of the stuff. There’s a 2-page rusticana kind of spread that I’m going to stick on the inside of my closet door.

Anno – Because there are some blogs where you read a list or a line and you just get it. She removes the blur from things great and small and renders them universal yet personal. Real.

To Orek for building an excellent vacuum.

To Becca – Leader of Write on Wednesday (WOW) but also a wonderful book reviewer (without all the flash and claptrap), she steers a virtual group through the writing experience and every now and then holds up a mirror for us to look into and study what’s there.

I gotta run, get ready for work. Am determined to go a little “Vogue” this morning. ahahaha. That means coordinating some jewelry or better yet, getting my hair right.

More later in “Oh’s Deserved Shoutout Week.”

Wait – to the horses I pass each morning. And the dew that drips off that miles of white fence that corral them, the way it shines in the sunlight which is the only way you’d know it was there. Where’s my camera?


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§ 2 Responses to ShoutoutS Week #2 – VIRTUAL AND OTHERWISE …

  • anno says:

    Awww, shucks! You’ve made me blush (and feel secretly glowy!). Thanks for including me in this list of so many writers I already ad;mire. And those I haven’t met yet, well, I’m off to explore…! Maybe with a margarita in hand since you kind of put me in the mood for one.

  • Becca says:

    Many thanks! for including me in the company of such good writers and friends (and horses and margarita’s!)

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