Favorite things … early morning

October 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

Getting up early
Breathing through my nose
Ignoring the stock market
One of HM’s cupcakes for breakfast
No deadlines
Writing, even in bed
Dogs padding quietly around my feet (clipped their nails – success!)
Anticipating good mail (a book to review)
this old silk robe
time to sip tea (coffee is a “gotta run out the door” drink)
clean house
stack of books on hallway shelf (all new, waiting…)
HM singing in the shower
morning light, even in the rain
the bed, perfectly made, layered and pillowed (Martha influence? Nah. Ingrained)
book in my purse (Forest for the Trees, Betsy Lerner – excellent, and funny)
knowing what I’m going to wear for the day


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§ 4 Responses to Favorite things … early morning

  • laylou says:

    i like the list. except for the getting up early part.
    i now carry around books in my purse.
    and i love making my bed so when i get home after work and kick off my heels I can flop onto it for 10 minutes (after walking and feeding Jack, of course)
    and tea… i’m becoming a huge tea fan

  • anno says:

    Cupcakes for breakfast sound delicious — I hope they had lots of pink frosting!
    Glad to hear you are breathing through your nose again.
    Hope you are enjoying tea again this morning.

  • Jeanie says:

    I love this — and it sounds like things are looking up for you! (I’m a manic bed-maker, too!)

  • oh says:

    Laylou – I hear you’ve been awfully good at getting up early lately, though? Who knew you enjoyed “garage sale-ing?”

    HM made those cupcakes. I didn’t know he could bake! (he didn’t either it was a happy experiment!)

    Hi, Jeanier – and now, with the change of seasons, a change in bedding, too – YAY! comforter time.

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