write on wednesday … wildest writing dream

October 16, 2008 § 8 Comments

What’s your wildest writing dream? asks Becca this week. Penning the biggest blockbuster since The DaVinci Code?  or winning the Pulitzer Prize for a finely crafted work of fiction?  And what’s stopping you from going after it?

Wednesday evening …
It’s tough to write this, not only because the debate is on but more so because I have been dancing around this question of what would I write, if it could be anything, to fulfill my wildest writing dream, yes, dancing around it for ages.

Thursday a.m. …
I continue to write articles (particularly lifestyle). I have started two novels. Yes, they’re in the infamous “drawer.” I have start-up journals stacked all over my office. I have a collection of short stories, none yet ready for prime time. I am blase regarding (almost) all of the above (not the journalism, I am serious about that stuff!).

But the dream, Becca ask, what’s the dream?
Last night I couldn’t tell you.
This morning I can.
It’s not a novel. At least not a traditional novel.
No, it’s essays. A book of essays.
‘Oh, yawn,’ you say.
No, really, a book of essays. Maybe with photos in it. Something that makes you laugh or sigh or shake your head (the good kind of head-shaking.)
A best-seller?
Whatever. I’m not cruising the money factor.
No, at last, it’s the writing that’s the joy, not a paycheck.

And now, to the office. (which is about the paycheck).
But there’s more on this wildest dream thing … hats off to you on this prompt, Becca. More to follow.

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§ 8 Responses to write on wednesday … wildest writing dream

  • Becca says:

    I’ll be the first in line to read that book of essays (which I love, by the way). One of my favorite contemporary essay writers (of the lifestyle variety) is Caroline Knapp. Her collection, called The Merry Recluse, sits on my writing desk at all times for inspiration 🙂

    Here’s to you, and making the dream come true!!

  • Jeanie says:

    Yes, essays! Yes, yes, yes! Not boring! I love essays. All kinds. I’ll be waiting!

  • shoreacres says:

    Essays? Who said essays? I sense kindred spirits lurking about here!

    My all-time fav quotation from my own just posted, non-hurricane related essay: “If you don’t fail at least 90% of the time, you’re not aiming high enough”. (Alan Kay, hacker, geek and developer of computers for kids)

  • Karen H. says:

    Essays? Bravo. As a former speechwriter, I can tell you speeches have a great deal in common with a good essay. So go forth, young essayist! There’s room for that art and it’s an apt form for people who have limited attention spans and need a powerful burst of message. (Uh, that would describe yours truly.)

    Looking forward to reading more about your dream’s unfolding.

  • anno says:

    I’ll be in line right after Becca for that collection of essays — they’re some of my favorite reading, like enjoying an excellent conversation with a very good friend. I liked Amy Tan’s, The Opposite of Fate, far better than any of her fiction; likewise, I found more truth, more solace, in Jonathon Franzen’s How to be Alone, than I ever did in The Corrections. I look forward to seeing the development of your own collection.

  • oh says:

    Thanks, Becca. And thanks for mentioning THE MERRY RECLUSE (very curious to see) which is new to me but gives “good reason” to browse the bookshop.

    Jeanie-, OK, it’ll take some time … I have been working on 1 essay for about two months now!

    Linda – looks like essays are alive and well?

    Karen – thanks! am trying to nail brevity in my essay attempts!

    Dear GT – I was thinking about poetry but I just can’t get poetic rhythm.

    Anno – yay! two more books to track down – I know neither of them! Oh, this book world is rich, so rich! thanks for mentioning them.

  • seachanges says:

    Sorry I got here late (the nurofen slowing me down…) – definitely yes, a book of essays sounds great, I love essays and often go back to them when I get… well, what.. a bit bored with yet another story? Dare I say that? Well, what it means is that I think you need a mixture of reading materials, serious essays, serious novels, lighthearted essays, lighthearted novels. I’m also a non-fiction writer during the day (research, reports, and editing other people’s contributions), so fiction writing is a huge pleasure!

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