Overheard … at “W.”

October 22, 2008 § 4 Comments



We just saw the movie “W.”
There were about 20 people in the theatre.
I believe this had more to do with the fact that it was Monday night than it does with the subject matter.
Or, with the fact that it’s an Oliver Stone film.
I haven’t seen a lot of his films although I feel like I have because of the hype and discussion that often surrounds them. But no, I’ve only seen one: WALL STREET. Nevertheless, I suspect he has become more subtle, a bit more sophisticated. There was some fine camera work in W. There was some excellent acting.

So, there we were, rocked back in our stadium seating, and in the war room, up on the screen, Cheney and Powell were going back and forth on strategy and suddenly there was another voice, a man’s, speaking stridently. I couldn’t place it at first, then glanced to my left and saw a 60s-something gentleman standing in the aisle.

“Blah blah blah.” I missed the very first part of what he said, having confused it with the on-screen dialogue.

“No! I’m not going to sit there near you while you play with your Blackberry!”
He was angry. Was he talking to his wife? his family? Did they not heed the “turn off your phones” pre-film the theatre always runs?

Don’t know. But he was apparently either moving to a different seat, or leaving. You gotta be pissed to stand up in the theatre and yell at someone.

HM snored through it (and most of the film), but Snarl, home from university on a week-long break and who thought we should all see the movie in order to be “current” (huh?) was completely undistracted.

Interesting evening.
I think everyone needs a vacation.

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