write on wednesday … shouldn’t everyone write? Part 1: about the paper

October 23, 2008 § 7 Comments

 So, how about you?  Do you make time to write everyday?  Don’t you think everybody should? asks Becca this week.

I do take time to write every day. Thanks to blogs. Blogging. Blog world. Excellent blog acquaintances. I have to write in the morning. While others are stretching, yoga-ing, having breakfast, I’m writing. Can’t help it.
I am postponing “should everyone write” ’til tomorrow as I am in my usual “running late to the office” situation (pause, to sip coffee and ponder the color of this font) but want to post some paper. WRITERS LOVE TO LOOK AT PAPER. Of course, we prefer to own it, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors but blog wise, we are content to ogle it as well.
Herein then, Part 1, to answer Becca’s question as a visual – how could everyone NOT write?



A Moleskine notebook goes anywhere, fairly discreetly …




So should we write, just to see all that cursive filling page after page?









Jenni Bick does not only wonderful papers (what a tidy stack of paper, in such colors which of course would require buying some very cool pens in different inks!) but also very cool handbound journals. You should look.




Here.This is just ONE Jenni style – there are tons of them on www.jennibick.com.

And Kate Spade (blue, above) jumped on the paper bandwagon. (Did you know David Spade is her brother-in-law? Should purse and shoe designers also get into stationery? Yes, but I draw the line at $30 pencil cases.) She has a yuppy-preppy line of cards, invites and thank yous. Honestly? I like her designer label more than her paper designs.







And then there’s Crane. Did you know that its stationery is considered “green?” (I believe because it’s cotton paper. I should fact check this.) Anyway, it’s classic stuff. Traditional. Speaks out loud. Makes you want to use a fountain pen.

K & Co (above) does some wild stuff (not just for scrapping) that inspires even making your own paper or combinations or stationery collages. Or, just leave it lying around.

I don’t know if everyone should write, but everyone should have classy, cool paper – paper that speaks to them – on which to write, just in case they want to.
Got paper?
(to be continued …)


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§ 7 Responses to write on wednesday … shouldn’t everyone write? Part 1: about the paper

  • nova says:

    Your post makes me want to go out and buy myself some pretty paper. To, you know… write on it, I swear!

    I answered Write on Wednesday’s question in my blog… long-winded, but my answer (for myself) is yes.

  • Bree says:

    Love paper and buying cool looking notebooks and journals. however, they dont always get used but it doesn’t stop me from buying them. My daughter loves them too. I do limit myself to only those on clearance, in the dollar store or at least on sale.

  • oh says:

    Nova- I think a little (new) paper every now and then for a writer is completely in order! It’s not like we have some expensive habit – a little paper, maybe a new pen (or air cleaner for our keyboards…) We are soooo low maintenance!

    Hi, Bree. Isn’t it funny how journals can start to stack up, unused? Ah, but they will be. You know, I didn’t think of the Dollar Store but there just happens to be one near Michaels …

  • Désirée says:

    I’m happy you showed me to your blog.

    I used to be very strict on my writing material. A5, no lines, spiral cord, hard covers.
    But as I started to do more regular exercises I needed bigger space and started with A4 instead. Right now I have a standard A4 notepad, with lines. Not very cool or pretty. The next notepad will at least have hard covers. And no front cover with a pattern that gives me headache.

  • Becca says:

    Love pretty paper 🙂 Love to write on pretty paper 🙂

    And now you’ve made me want to buy some pretty paper 🙂

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, now you’re talking my language! Love, love all the papers! Love writing on it, love seeing it and love seeing others talk about it! Yes!

  • oh says:

    Desiree – You made me laugh with your mention of patterned notebook covers that give you a headache – It’s so true – some of them are hysterically drawn or pritned. And your notebooks you mention are always always good. Above all they let you focus on the writing and not the paper or its aesthetics, and that’s a good thing.
    Becca – I hope you’re treating yourself to some paper! I decided to skip Halloween candy and buy some paper instead last night. (saves my waistline; encourages some writing, or some sort of creating!) Yes, yes, go treat yourself.
    Jeanie – You do such cool stuff on paper, like those “backgrounds” you painted (many blogs ago) and those ATCs which are major mini pieces of art (and all involving paper of course!) I am still looking here in STL for a store that sells really cool paper – not just the regular stationery and then the scrapbooking stuff – but the handmade papers and weaves and textures … I guess writers and artists get a “paper” gene, eh?

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