nano 4 … omg … tip #2

November 4, 2008 § 6 Comments

Today’s tip on achieving Nanowrimo success:

Nano Tip #2
These are things that suck you in, steal your attention, turn your creativity to mush. They are:
1) the TV
2) Bags of food. (chips, baby carrots, more chips, chocolate covered raisins, organic chips, cashews, and yes, more chips!) Why? Because you either focus on the food and its inherent ingredients, getting into self-arguments regarding “good for you, bad for you” OR you stay focused on your writing and unconsciously eat your way through the entire bag without realizing it. Possibly not a crime, but potentially a health crime.
3) the phone.  Stop it. You can’t talk on the phone. Who among your friends and especially family understands the concept of a “quick” phone call. Don’t go there, I say. Don’t pick up the phone. You will lose loooooooong minutes there (which translate into dozens, hundreds, maybe a thousand or more words that could be written. Yikes.)


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§ 6 Responses to nano 4 … omg … tip #2

  • Oh dear I shouldn’t even be checking my bloglines, I am so behind!! Got to go Nano…

  • oh says:

    Me, too, Scarlet … friends are here … difficult to begin …

  • seachanges says:

    Once I retire I’m going to pick up this nanowrite thing.. just cannot get my head around my own few futile goals as it is! Good luck

  • jeanie says:

    These are great! My black holes are TV (well, sort of — I find I like the noise, but don’t pay much attention), the Internet and yes, bad food!

  • oh says:

    SeaC and Jeanie – uh oh. Think I’ve discovered other black holes – ah, but we press on. And yes, I do need the noise of the TV, the little one, turned on for background noise. HM always comes into the room, says “what are you watching?” and I say “nothing” and he suggests it be turned off. And I say “not yet.” And so it goes…

  • Oh, the internet! The internet is my biggest of black holes, because I don’t have a TV. And I’ll tell you, the chips I can set aside, but the cinnamon almonds from Target are my current downfall. I could just… keep… eating… them.

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