WOW on Saturday … writing and marathons and sticking

November 8, 2008 § 4 Comments

Becca is back with her writing on wednesday challenge offered just moments (well, a few days) ago. Here it is (and it’s NOT just for writers so if you read this and don’t write, read it anyway and don’t go running off looking for a blog you deem more entertaining.)

Becca asks: How about you?  Are you having a hard time staying the course toward fulfilling your writing dreams?  What are you doing about it? (And for you non-writers, I add, are you having trouble staying the course fulfilling your _____ dreams? )
Here is my response, the best I can offer momentarily as I sit in a room full of friends, with the TV on, coffee and pie at hand, and everyone chuckling over an anecdote, with the surf pounding away just beyond the balcony …
Trouble fulfilling my writing dreams? 
Yes. No.
I did not pursue a potential freelance opportunity.
I feel bad about that. I feel good about that. Why? What’s with the duality?
Pursuing prospects gets you more work. And ultimately a bit more money and connections. I don’t mind having either of those. However, NOT pursuing leads allows more time for immediate and for personal projects which includes a book review for an “regular” publication and I gotta be honest, I love a regular gig writing something I love (book reviews).  So it’s good to have time for that freelance. And only that. Yup, I have now said that aloud. One regular assignment is just right.

And in regard to my own work, I have time (did I just say I have time? ahahahahaha.  Anyway, I have more time than usual for working the Nanowrimo thing.)

I belive this will lead to pursuing more writing dreams. I’ve had some time to think about them, not being caught in the malestrom of freelance deadlines, and have plenty of them to do.

Working toward the dream? Yes. And I think a lot of us writers are doing that, more than we give ourselves credit for.  Connecting with each other virtually to discuss, listen and ponder is part of the pursuit. Honestly, I have always enjoyed being part of a writing group. And this virtual group is just the thing. It allows me to chat, rant, express, expound, listen, see what others are doing and how they work things out.

And then I can go back into my writing cave.

We all have a different definition of bliss.
As for the pursuit of writing and the bits of luck and the pages of writing that come along and that happen, well, may they just keep coming.
As the dream unfolds, we have only to recognize it.


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§ 4 Responses to WOW on Saturday … writing and marathons and sticking

  • Becca says:

    I’m still learning how to say “no” to things so that I have more time to devote to other things – like working toward those writing/music dreams I still have!

    I agree that our blogging practices are a way to keep on course with our writing. Good point 🙂

  • Happy writing! I can’t write for NaNo!

  • oh says:

    Becca, you know we love your WOWs. You keep us on track! As for your music dreams, I hope you’re edging closer to them … and would always love to hear how the music is going.

    GT – thanks for the writing cheer – and thank you for your excellent book reviews and ruminations!

  • Jeanie says:

    I love that — we all have a different definition of bliss. I seem to be looking for mine these days.

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