nano nears middle of month … but hey, who’s in charge here?

November 13, 2008 § 8 Comments


There’s laundry spilling out of the two big white laundry buckets that have been shoved into the nether regions of the laundry room. Where no one will notice them.
There are, in some corners, tumbleweeds of dark dog hair.
The dishwasher is empty but that’s because the few dishes in use (for soup and grilled cheese) lay drying on a kitchen towel next to the sink having been quickly handwashed. 
The dining room table is still laden with a paper project that was started two weeks ago.
The holiday catalogs are stacked, untouched, on the coffee table. There is no room for coffee.
The bed is made in haste and the sheets are wrinkly beneath the puff of the winter comforter.
The fridge is nearly empty but there is plenty in the freezer to pop open and bake. Or thaw. Or microwave.
The dogs are walked but not brushed.
The leaves have fallen but are not raked.

Sssshhh. Don’t ask the lady of the house for clean socks, where the scotch tape is, if there are any more business envelopes, or if she feels like baking brownies, or something … anything.
Just don’t.

Sssshhhh.  It’s that nano thing.


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§ 8 Responses to nano nears middle of month … but hey, who’s in charge here?

  • anno says:

    (Tiptoeing into the room, whispering) Hope all is going well!

  • laylou says:

    i’m assuming that’s a FL bedroom?
    eh, just ignore the housework. it will be there in December when nano is done =) I’m sure that’s a comfort to you!

  • Jeanie says:

    Your room looks much neater than mine! Thinking of you and hoping all is well!

  • Becca says:

    This room looks extremely neat! Is this a “before NaNo” pic?

  • shoreacres says:

    The bed is MADE? You’re doing fine. Carry on!

  • oh says:

    All – This was our room last week while in Florida. I made the bed because we were sharing the condo with friends and didn’t want them to think me a complete slob.
    But don’t be fooled – underneath the spread, it’s a wrinkled mess and all our stuff is on the other side of the room – where you can’t see it.
    And now back home, trust me – it’s every man for himself around here! And a picture of our master suite? well, it’s looking pretty unsweet.

  • Kim L says:

    I was thinking of grocery delivery service because I haven’t grocery shopped since before nanowrimo started and I dreaded going. And yeah, our kitchen is pretty much a disaster zone.

  • oh says:

    Kim – a brilliant idea! a grocery service … hmmm… wonder if I can “sell” that here … maybe a few more meals consisting of soup and grilled cheese will help!

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