nano … oh, set me free! Tip #something or other

November 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

AAaaarrrrgggg … It’s the dscn4949middle of the month … lalala … looking for a major block of time for writing, like, a nice 4 or 5 hour block because doing it in these snips and snaps can make for some disjointed narrative. Jiggly. Like a handheld camera in one of those movies that makes you feel a little … unsettled. Fear not. Press on.

(This photo, taken at Mobot Library, exemplifies the novels in us waiting to be un-caged,” that is, set free!)

Nano Tip #5:  Spend some time with a fellow writer. Plan the get-together on neutral ground, not at either of your offices or desks. Go without pen or paper. Go to talk and listen. Talk about writing. Any writing.
Maybe your colleague is a motivational writer, or writes manuals, lyrics, essays, advertorials, features, short stories or, is a poet. Little matter. It’s about writing.
One of you will mention a book.
One of you will mention your present writing project.
One of you will mention your dream project.
Now you’re getting somewhere.
You will return to your desk inspired. And ready to nail the nanothing and move toward actualizing your next writing dream.

Go. As Nat Goldberg says at the beginning and end of her writing exercises, “Go.”

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§ 4 Responses to nano … oh, set me free! Tip #something or other

  • Bella Rum says:

    Good advice. Support from someone with the same passion often inspires.

  • anno says:

    Sometimes I think discovering the support of other writers might be the real secret benefit of NaNo…

  • anno says:

    Oh, I know you’re busy, but you sounded sufficiently ambivalent in your comment on my last post that I’m sending along a letter for you: feel like trying S?

    Not an obligation; just a “just in case.”

  • oh says:

    BR: so i tried it, meeting with a writing friend, twice this week, and it worked/helped.

    Anno – I am surprised at what a difference it makes to have fellow writers to “talk” (blog) with! And, I did my letter!

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