Nano sunday, day 16 – at war with the evil Procrasto-zilla!

November 16, 2008 § 6 Comments

dsc_0528(Of course this is not what Procrasto-zilla looks like. He takes many guises, actually and most of them benign. This is the only picture that was even close to suitable, however. Oh, the horror that is Procrasto-zilla!)

I need to do more laundry.
I need to groc shop with HM.
We are going to see Bond with the kids.
This is the 3rd Sunday of the month; which means they will have dinner with us. (Dinner will be pizza, delivered)
Which means I need to vacuum and polish. (They are guests now as well as kids!)
I need to stain the woodwork around the new patio doors.
I need to organize interviews for some articles I said I’d write (why didn’t anyone stop me from saying “yes?”)
I need to finish getting the summer clothes off the guest bed and into the closet.
I need to do something creative.
I need to write.
I need to nano.


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§ 6 Responses to Nano sunday, day 16 – at war with the evil Procrasto-zilla!

  • anno says:

    First, forget grocery shopping. You’re having pizza for dinner. Maybe order in some extra, plus a salad to carry you through the rest of the week. It worked during finals in college; it will work now.

    Forget about the vacuuming and polishing. Comfort yourself with the notion that it will make your children more relaxed in the future when you come to visit them.

    I would counsel forgoing the staining around the woodwork as well, except that I know (through harsh, cruel experience) that that can lead to trouble down the road. So, OK, stain the woodwork… but maybe just one coat for now.

    The clothes will wait. Send e-mails about the interviews. That way you’ve done something, without risking getting caught on the phone.

    Writing, nanoing, and doing something creative… can’t they play together for at least a little while?

    See… easy! Enjoy the Bond!

  • Kim L says:

    I had a visit from the procrastozilla this morning when I made the mistake of starting a really good book and then having to spend the morning reading that instead of writing my nanonovel…

  • laylou says:

    For what it’s worth, the house looked lovely, clean and smelled good. had a great time =) Thanks for having us kids over.


  • oh says:

    Anno – Bond was FAR better than I expected! Although those poor patio doors are still singing to me, had great time with kids. Thanks for excellent idea, too, on organizing some interviews via email. And even ‘nano’ got some attention.

    Kim – I don’t even dare ask what book, or might find myself running out the door to find it as well.

    Laylou- My favorite! Having you come over AND playing a game! Really, are you sure you don’t like the new Bond?

  • Jeanie says:

    It feels so good when you stop, doesnit it! Hope you had a lovely day. Sometimes you have to break format to really get into it again!

    Hope today’s NaMo is going better!

  • oh says:

    Hi, Jeanie, I realize that T’Day allows for some possible catching up – on many things including writing!

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