monday doesn’t have to be from hell …

November 17, 2008 § 5 Comments

Hope anyone who had to attend a meeting(s) today had a positive experience, and maybe a smile or a laugh.
Hope anyone who went outdoors without a coat only to find they really needed one didn’t have to go far in the cold.
Hope anyone who had no clue what to make for dinner got home “second” and found their hubs/SO making it already.
Hope anyone who wanted to start the week off with a bang was able to do so.
Hope anyone who wants to stay up til midnight writing has the energy (and some very good coffee.)
Hope anyone who needs to do laundry doen’t need it for tomorrow’s work day.
Hope anyone who is thinking about Xmas gets to engage in some little Christmas-y thing today.
Hope anyone hosting Thanksgiving dinner has a plan, or, is comfortable winging it if not.
Hope anyone who shopped at Harold’s (Frontenac Plaza, St Louis) which is now in liquidation can find a “replacement” store.
Hope Ann Taylor does not go out of business.
Hope anyone with a pet has time to sit with said pet tonight and say silly corny things to it. (Pets sense the hoopla at this time of year and get very needy – did ya’ notice?)
Hope anyone who is NOT current with their blogs or emails or anything’s just does NOT worry about it today.

Hope tomorrow looks exciting, or peaceful or organized or easy, whichever would serve you best right now.


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§ 5 Responses to monday doesn’t have to be from hell …

  • qugrainne says:

    Well, I had a coat…I bought some wrapping paper (all green this year)…daughter and her CO had dinner ready when I got home (WOW)…said silly stuff to the pet…did NOT worry about nanowrimo. Nope. Not going to worry about it. I am taking off early tomorrow and maybe will head to the coffee shop to write…. we shall see. And your nanowrimo???

  • oh says:

    Q – I have only 16,600. I know, I know, I should be halfway but I can’t look at the clock. And I made the mistake of looking back at something and not liking it this morning. oh well. I’ll just keep going. I hope they’re serious when they say there’s some kind of magic at 25,000!

  • laylou says:

    well, fortunately I allowed myself unhealthy food for dinner. I did take some time with Jackers. I mean, how could I not when Frogger is tossed in my lap and on top of my school work?
    As for my SO, he surprised me with a visit last night, knowing that my Monday was less than desirable.
    And as for Thanksgiving, what are we doing since Snarl is all vegetarian now? Let me know how I can help 🙂

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, what a splendid post! As you might expect, I always talk silly to the Gypsy! And he always says something silly back! I started my Christmas cards, and since none of the kids give us anything concrete for a plan, I am divinely comfy winging it…turkey breast for once scenario, bigger bird for another, and lots of leftovers either way! Can’t say the meetings left a smile on my face, but you can’t have everything… As Mork would say, “NaNoo, NaNoo.”

  • oh says:

    Ah, Layou, Thanksgiving will be a glorious table of things, including the turkey! Snarl will have plenty of other stuff and stuffings to choose from!

    Jeanie- I knew it – I knew you were a pet-talker! (that’s a good thing!) Isn’t it fun to wing it on the holiday settings and foodstuffs? I plan to make lots of things, too, big and little and … pie!

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