W.O.W. – sharing?

November 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

Becca (of W.O.W. reknown) asks: What aspects of your life in general do you find yourself sharing in writing?  Do you enjoy reading/writing personal essays? Who are some of your favorite essayists?  

Sharing my life in my writing:
I don’t know that I really do share my life in my writing (well, ok, in this blog YES (thank goodness it’s allowed), but overall, no. I like to be the observer and recorder, the chronicler, the camera, especially in regard to the following:
Universally experienced things, like …
   Funny family things  – what HM and Snarl do; how Nory and I see it; what the 4 of us find amusing; the little things, all the millions of little things that knit a family
   Keeping (or blowing) schedules
   Dealing with “things” – cars that run out of gas; clothes hangers that get all stuck together
   Our image as we mature
   Spotting something in a place in which it is not usually found
   Things/creatures we love and choose to love and can’t help but love
   The incredible importance of music (and art) in our lives, a voice, a note, a tune, hearing a song …
(OMG, like today, when I was at a restaurant for a business lunch and we were all discussing a project but suddenly in the background, I could hear Enya’s “Who can say where the time goes?” and that was the song that was a huge hit when our daughter was graduating from high school and at the time and every time I hear it to this day, I weep (in a good way). At a business lunch, you say? You wept? Um, well, it was tough, mmm, very difficult but I held it back. I found that I wasn’t even listening to what I was saying; more of me was attuned to the music playing in the background and I worked very very hard at not crying. I would have pulled some semi-brilliant cover up if I had had to but I sipped some water and no one noticed a thing and they waited for me to set my glass on the table and continue. (Oh, Enya, you nearly betrayed me in public with your fairy-esque sound and your musical finger pressing my “nostalgia” button.)

The universality of experience is rich territory.
To be able to write about it with humor and good clear writing, that it the brass ring, the thing I aspire towards.
OK, nope, I’m not answering the question …Anyway, I don’t think essays get enough credit despite the fact that they are mini-memoirs, often.
And look how hot memoirs are!

Fave essayists and I do confess the list may seem a bit trite but indeed, I do LOVE the writing as writ by the following:
EB White
Roger Angell
Annie Dillard
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
David Sedaris
Ann Lamott

Do I enjoy reading essays?
Yes, oh yes!
I’ve kept a list of some that Becca mentioned some time ago.
Took the list to B&N.
They didn’t have a single title.
Dunces! I said to myself, ordered several and found a magaine to read. (I’m still waiting to hear from B&N)
(No, no, don’t tell me to go to the library cuz they never have what I want and they are faaaar too restrictive on how long you can keep a book. And there’s unidentified “stuff” stuck to library-book pages. Or, the pages are dogeared and bent …)


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§ 7 Responses to W.O.W. – sharing?

  • Becca says:

    See, that little vignetee you described in the restaurant – that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about…in that mini essay you were able to convey the power of music in your life, the love for your daughter, the memory of a poignant moment. And you sparked a million memories and thoughts in my own mind. Perfect 🙂

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, I loved it! Doesn’t music just do it to you? The right song and I’m SO back there! I could see you sitting at lunch, all professional and appropriate with your mind dancing through time, that heart on the edge of jumping into the scene. Oh, yes. Simply perfect!

  • oh says:

    Becca and Jeanie – So glad you checked in and yes, music is key to memory, and to motion (like the kind of music that makes you get up and move)!

  • I think I will check out those essayists.

    I seldom write anything personal other that in my poetry!

    Check it out!

  • Oops!

    This one is the right link:

    Life in general

  • seachanges says:

    Oh – yes I recognise that feeling of suddenly wandering off, completely off track when one should be focussing on ‘whatever it is’ – but in the end, life is too short to constantly worry about what one should do, isn’t it? On the whole, the personal in the daily (working life) really is about keeping on track, isn’t is just? And I keep telling myself to read David Sedaris. You’ve just reminded me…

  • oh says:

    GT – I suspect there is a fine line between poetry and essay – as in, personal experience and/or perspective and therefore suspect you could write a darn good essay … some of your blog essays do go in that direction – and that’s a GOOD thing!

    Dear SC – you’re right. We can certainly do more of what we like without worrying about it … and in saying such, will now take myself to living room and join HM in a British caper! and some coffee.

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