nano friday … more than halfway through the month, not the writing

November 21, 2008 § 6 Comments

Yup, that’s where nano-ers should be write now, I mean, right now. Beyond 25K words. Ideally, at 40K+. I know two who finished … already. It’s remarkable really.

If I type at last night’s rate of 1,000 words in a 30 minutes, than I only have 15 (solid) hours of writing left. Ahahaha. Oh, but you should see that 1,000 words, typos notwithstanding! And I got seriously off plot .

Sounds easy. Still, fifteen hours is a big chunk of time.   I’m told one shouldn’t subplot in this novel “race” but one cannot help but look down different paths even as one speeds along. Yet it helps to know where one is going (and that isn’t always easy, either).

 I’m lousy at running races.
We’ll see how this writing race goes.


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§ 6 Responses to nano friday … more than halfway through the month, not the writing

  • anno says:

    You’re still in it, though… sounds like you’re doing fine. 1000 words in 30 minutes — that’s amazing!

  • laylou says:

    i very much want to know about this book!
    And I want to find the children’s Christmas book you wrote for me. TDH wants to see it.

  • Kim L says:

    You’re getting close! This has been THE HARDEST FREAKING WEEK EVER for me. I have been just skating through, trying to finish before Thanksgiving so I can travel for the weekend without worrying about it, and then this week, I just ran out of steam. Here’s to second winds!

  • shoreacres says:

    Well, good evening to you! I’m happily ensconced in Joplin tonight – and enjoying the heck out of the 29 degree weather. Not only that, I had supper at a Waffle House on the old Route 66 – I see where those Waffle Houses get their reps for being slightly… ummm… unsavory.

    I did have to laugh at the fact that the place was packed and no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t see a cell phone, Blackberry or laptop in the place.

    I’ll bet if I put you in a back booth and told you that you could leave when you finished your 50K, you’d be done and gone in a flash!

    Happy writing.

  • nova says:

    Keep going! I’m admiring everyone’s stamina who’s still in it. Much applause from the sidelines over here 🙂

  • oh says:

    Anno – thanks for cheering my sprint! Would love to do a long haul but geez, ya gotta sit a lot, ugh.
    Laylou- not sure this book would grab you, though it has adventure and romance in it but it’s not a romance and as for the Xmas story I wrote for you, egads, where did I file that?
    Kim – Kim! Bet you’ve found your second wind – go, go, go!!!
    Linda – your tale of Waffle House rings so true. (They’re open 24 hours – during which one of those hours do they clean the place?) You are so right – the perfect setting to push to final word count!
    Nova! thanks, I am surprised at how much cheering really does help! I had no idea.

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