Stats … nano and otherwise

November 25, 2008 § 5 Comments

Stats are fun, as in sports, knowing how many times so-and-so has come up to bat with a beard and his hat on backward and hit a homerun, or in sales when examining how many people buy chocolate bars with almonds as opposed to skinny moocow bars during spring break, but in nanowrimo season … stats can make ya’ crazy.
Personal word count.
Regional word count. (but, I’m not responsible for us being ranked 30!) (Looks like the Northwest is the hot spot for highest total word count. And New York is weighing in behind Chicago! Who woulda thought?
And there’s emails sent, emails rec’d regarding fellow nano-ers. (I don’t do this.)
And there’s that little bar that fills up with blue, in the tiniest little millimeters (or whatever’s smaller than a millimeter.)
And the stats on donations. (Yikes, not a player here, either. Hey, come on, I’m a struggling writer! I can donate some old shoes or paper that’s been scribbled on on one side only …but …)
I’m not going there.
I’m gonna just sit here and write tonight.

It’s all about time, really, this whole nano thing. Assign a person a 50,000 story, lock that person in a stone tower (heated, or cooled, as necessary) with their PC (cuz the tower has wifi, high speed) and the necessary bits of food and drink to keep them alive and happy (and of course a very nice bath and bed area) and give them 30 days and they’re likely to finish their book. That is, of course, given that you have blocked their internet access, taken away the cell phone and advised them that upon re-entering the world, he or she is likely to be dazzled by the light.

That is essentially, how it feels after pounding out a good couple thousand words. It takes time to re-focus walking into the living room where everyone is talking, laughing, hahaha, and having fun. (don’t get me wrong; nano-ing is fun. No, it really is.)

But other than working in gusts, this little nano-er has a ways to go. Let’s not look at word count stats, not just yet.

Will I quit, throw in the towel, hang up the keyboard and call it a day on this political adventure that insists on being chick lit rather than the literary piece I’d like to write? No – when pigs fly!dsc_0514


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