Friday …

December 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

Eyes like two pee holes in the snow.
Hands cold from typing typing typing.
Articles nearly done.
Can’t wait to clean the house, read blog friends, respond to comments, decorate, get warm, laugh out loud.
If this is a writer’s life, (well, sort of a writer), it’s crazy.

And who changed the “dashboard” page on blog entries? crap. I’m wandering around in here trying to find my buttons and stuff.
More later.


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§ 3 Responses to Friday …

  • qugrainne says:

    Oh my goodness! Are you almost finished? Will it bring in baskets of money and your name in lights!!? I sure hope so, for the torture you are going through.
    And isn’t WordPress a pain!? I can’t find the buttons I want, and have to get to everything sideways. Grrrrrr

  • oh says:

    Q – baskets of money…ah, no!!! That would be awesome.
    No, it’s just been tough winning my “writing” time with so much going on this week at the office, plus moving our Mom to STL from NY – had to steal writing time late at night and pre-dawn. Fun, though! More coffee, please.

  • anno says:

    Moving Mom sounds like a huge change to manage, especially in tandem with other deadline challenges. But then you swept through Nano with style and grace. I like it that you’re still here, claiming that it was all great fun and holding out your mug for more coffee. Good luck with your projects this weekend — I hope some of those beautiful candles help brighten the way…

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