7s … on the 10th

December 10, 2008 § 5 Comments

I couldn’t think of anything to write this morning. I really couldn’t. And so I offer a meme that was new to me when I saw it several weeks ago.

I promise to get back on track with books, paper and writing…maybe after the holidays?

7 Things I Did Before

1.  Lived in France
2.  Taught high school French
3.   Traveled with kids and Hubs all over the country
4.   Was managing editor for a shishi lifestyle magazine
5.   Played mump freeze tag in my flower days and now don’t remember the rules
6.   Roller skated to work (NYC)
7.   Climbed mts: Adirondacks, Smokies, Alps

7 Things I Do Now

1. laugh hilariously with a writer friend, even when we work together
2. “date” my husband again now that we’re empty nesters – yes, we go out on on Friday or Saturday nights
3. read the New Yorker cover to cover
4. write and write and write
5. have a job I really enjoy (even though I grouse about not having enough free time!)
6. redecorate the house, tiny step by tiny step; OK, miniscule step by miniscule step
7. go to bed early (10:30) and get up early 6:00 – only since living in Midwest which is largely responsible

7 Things I Want To Do

1. Write a real book that other people read and go “Oh, cool.”
2. Redecorate the dining room with this surreal theme I have in mind, all based on Dali
3. Start a serious writers group, a la Dorothy Parker (but stay happy, unlike her)
4. Publish a book that sets us “free” so HM can write and play his music and create more and more gardens in the backyard. Me? Keep writing.
5. Go horseback riding every now and then
6. Meet some of the blog writers I’ve met here and spend “writing” time with them, along with very cool snacks and conversation
7. Spend several weeks on the Left Bank with HM and chilling at the Cafe de Deux Magots. We’ve both been to Paris, but never together!

7 Things That Attract Me in Others
1.  a certain confidence
2.  willingness to laugh out loud
3. wit, but not cuteness
4. storytelling ability
5. thoughtfulness
6. good manners, the old-fashioned ones but not with too much flair
7. ethics

7 Favorite Foods
1. is sugar a food? I’m just kidding. Favorite food? Pie. Most anything (except kidneys or liver) in a pie.
2. pizza
3. baked potato, butter, salt. And to the waitress who asks “butter or sour cream?”, the answer is both, please, dammit.
4. green beans almondine
5. french vanilla yogurt
6. chocolate covered raisins
7. greek spinach pie

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. omg
2. love you!
3. Yes
4. You. are. kidding. me.
5. Oh!
6. gimme a hug
7. let’s do it. (OK, this sounds sexual in retrospect. But that’s not what I mean, I mean ‘let’s get it done’)

7 people to tag
Spared. All of you.


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§ 5 Responses to 7s … on the 10th

  • laylou says:

    Haha. Let’s do it. Funny. 🙂
    Good post, Mom.
    Made me laugh out loud which is sometimes hard to do as you know!
    I’ll probably steal it.

  • anno says:

    Love this list! (And I’d do it again if I didn’t just do it a few weeks ago.)

    After reading your list of 7 things you want to do, a writer’s group that met in Paris (on the Left Bank, of course) and rode horses once in a while sounds like an excellent idea. Might lead to at least 6 out of your 7 items…

  • jeanie says:

    I love learning these things about my new friends! It’s marvelous! Go, Pie!

    And thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog! I’m so very grateful that in this year, you are one of the friends who has come my way.

    On another note — I always think there is a reason that things happen, even if it’s very small. I love the book I won from you. Now I know why I was chosen — a friend is dealing with breast cancer. And I know she will find comfort when I pass this on to her. So, thank you for paying it forward.

  • Kim L says:

    I want to know more about this shishi lifestyle magazine. 🙂

  • oh says:

    Laylou – at last, I made you laugh!!!
    Anno – the France idea is perfect. I’m thinking … must pursue something … not a ridiculous idea, even if it’s stateside.
    Jeanie- I feel the same way – what a wonderful gift to meet you. As for the book, I’m glad it’s there. And thinking good thoughts for your dear friend.
    Kim – ah, the magazine. It’s a Saint Louis mag, THE LADUE NEWS, which came out weekly. Magazine or newspaper? It straddled the line. It was GREAT fun! I started as a staff writer and moved into Managing Editor. Funny how you learn what titles mean …more on all of this later …late again for work…!

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