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December 11, 2008 § 8 Comments


Funny thing … when the kids aren’t in the house (though they are still in town but Snarl is at university and we treat it as though he’s 100s of miles away), the decorating takes longer.

The kids are good at putting something up, just sticking it somewhere, and it is fine. They understand the “wow” factor.

I, on the other hand, plod along. I’m like a slow giftwrapper during Holidays at the department stores.

Lately, I’ve considered taking a half day off from work … to decorate? Yes.

HM and the kids LOVE decorations, and they are all far more traditional than one would think.

Still, I might have this licked in another two days. (These are actually pics from last year, but honestly, due to the tradition mongers in this household, I will repeat most of it.)

And where’s the writing, you ask? I’m thinking, ruminating, planning as I string lights and arrange (prickly) holly in the greens on the stairway bannister.

Anyone else still in holiday “process?” Oh, do tell!!!! Just say you, too, were caught off guard by Thanksgiving coming “late” or some wacky weather that held you up or that your dog ate your decorations, or something.



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§ 8 Responses to Decorating …

  • anno says:

    This looks so warm & festive! I love the poinsettias! Looking forward to seeing the pictures from this year’s efforts…

  • R.Wick says:

    I love the decorations on the banister! I think I will have to do this in my new house – in ’09 of course.

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, I’m still in process. I’m late. I’m crazy. I want to be home doing this and not here doing everything else.

    And this looks absolutely beautiful — warm, welcoming, festive and beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

  • seachanges says:

    great decorations and I want to know how to do the banisters that way. When in Wales one of my meetings was in one of those old country houses and the banisters looked a treat, they completely distracted me from what I was there for (serious educational stuff!). I do love your pictures. I have not done any decorating yet whatsoever… Oh my…

  • oh says:

    I wish you could ALL come over. I’d promise not to be boring or, on the other extreme, talk too much. (R, you’re close enough – do come by).

    Anno – I feel like my camera and I got a separation or something. It sits alone in the corner, forgotten, whereas I’ve been trotting about and doing things WITHOUT carrying it in my hand. Must rectify. Will take new Xmas pictures!!

    RWick – here is your completely open invitation, anytime!

    Jeanie – We must take time to sit next to, if not under (like we did as kids) our Xmas trees. Hope you’re enjoying such a moment right now!

    Seachanges – I wrapped the bannister, over the railing and between the “posts” from top to bottom, like a spiral, using a 10 foot length of (faux) greens from the craft store. Then I use a string of white or colored lights wrapped along the same path as the greens and tuck the wire under the greens so it doesn’t show. Then I hang glitter-crazy snowflakers from the branches of the greens. Pretty easy and even though it’s fake, it works. And this year I tucked some real holly with berries and some real pine here and there to give it more dimension. I’ve seen far more lush and wondrous things but this set up works for me – I do it every year! I always turn the lights on when I come down in the morning to make my coffee. I’ll bet you’ve something wonderfully Xmas-y up your sleeve as well and I hope you get time to do it!

  • oh says:

    And one more thing: red ribbon! I twined red ribbon through it last year. But this year the holly and pine boughs replace that effect. Will post the picture … coming soon!

  • Deirdre says:

    I’m usually deep into decorating by this time, but haven’t done a thing so far this year. Painting is taking precedence, but your pictures make me want to hang lights and greenery.

  • qugrainne says:

    It’s all gorgeous.
    I get slower every year…. I still have the very top of the tree to finish decorating. Guess I had better hurry – I’m having a party on Saturday!!
    I figure if I put enough candles out, it will look festive…right??
    What is in the vases on the bookshelves? They are gorgeous. I kept saying I was going out to collect bittersweet, but then the snow got too deep, and, and and…

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