Decorating with dogs …

December 14, 2008 § 9 Comments


“Excuse me. Excuse me, Huck!”

Why am I addressing our sometimes deaf little old beagle? Because I am decorating, that is, trying to decorate, a perfect new narrow Xmas tree we just put up in the dining room for ambiance.

“A-hem. Excuse me, dear fellow, but that Christmas tree skirt on which you have parked yourself cost me a pretty penny and is for ‘looks’, not for littering it with fur from your precious little beagle-ness.”

The skirt is plush velvet, lovely stuff and lined on the its flip side in dark green silk.


Perhaps the language is too high-tone but I don’t want to yell “Move away from the tree, now!”

I try again in a very kindly tone. “Would you move? I have more lights and a long way to go on this tree.”

He winks one eye open to look at me and then pushes and rustles even farther under the narrow tree and does one of his little comfort groans to say, “Well, this will do. My bed is far better, but this will do.”

His bed, indeed! It’s just in the other room, less than 20 seconds away, already worn and welcome from several years of his jumping in and out of it, rolling in it and sleeping (of course) in it nigh on 12 hours a day. (Old beagles sleep … a lot!)

Beware the Beagle. He is constantly stalking and claiming anything he might consider bedding. And seizes it, as in Beagle Eminent Domain.

Don’t toss your Lauren sweater (he’ll choose designer label over non-label stuff every time)  or favorite scarf  lying about where he can pull it to the floor.
Don’t toss your Rolling Stone flannel pants on the end of the bed, or (heaven forbid) leave them on the floor near the shower.
Don’t leave your pashmina or silk scarf on the end of the couch where he can pull it to the floor.
In fact, in this house, it’s rare that anyone leaves clothes lying around – at all! We are all loathe to create yet another beagle lair and something covered in beagle hair that we might have to wear.

“Put presents under the tree,” HM said. “Then he won’t fit in under there at all.”
“But this is not the ‘present tree,” I countered.
“I know, but just a few things, even wrapped empty boxes. That should do it.” (I swear, HM is the beagle’s lawyer.)

Add it to my list this morning. Create faux packages.
It’s all about protecting the Christmas Tree Skirt.
Or, not.
Maybe it’s about allowing a senior beagle his heart’s content.
‘Tis the Season.

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§ 9 Responses to Decorating with dogs …

  • shoreacres says:

    Laughing and laughing, and then laughing again. My currently posted “cat carols” began when I discovered the joys of Christmas with a curious kitten.

    I must say… Your tree looks rather nice with Huck beneath. It’s their season, too!

  • Kim L says:

    Haha, how do they know exactly to lie down so its most inconvenient for their human??

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, am I laughing or what?! The Beagle, I think, is in cahoots with one orange cat I know who has taken up residence under the tree on grandma’s quilt (but it’s so heavy, one can’t really sleep on it anyway, and it’s a nice way to have her around the house during the holidays!). Love the dog’s lawyer! He has a brilliant idea, though I might add he should consider assisting in the wrapping if he’s taking on the client! I love it, simply love it!

  • laylou says:

    Jack tried laying on mine the other day. His dog hair inevitably gets on everything but it’s much better when he doesn’t deliberately do it!

    Huck is much cuter under a tree than my Jackie, though.

    Wrapped presents to trick him? Seems to be far too much work if you ask me!

  • oh says:

    Ah, Shoreacres, We pet lovers are such softees. How could we not be, though? Sure enough, Huck has adopted the spot. HM worked from home today and did not dissuade the little guy (no suprise!) Guess it will work out ok, except for the tinsel knots he creates.

    Kim- I think they recognize lush, plush and “please don’t lie there” from long distances. Honestly, Huck’s bed is quite nearby, but no…

    Jeanie- so, the Gypsy also loves comfy bedding? But a cat on a quilt is totally cute! You’re right; HM needs to help me do the faux wrapping. Or, the real wrapping actually!

    Laylou – Funny that Huck doesn’t try lying under the BIG tree, though! He’d have a better fit and a far better “cave” experience. Ah, but to be close to HM while HM works, that’s the difference, eh? Hugs to your “little” Jackie!

  • anno says:

    Oh, he’s darling! Just tie a bow around his neck & let him stay!

  • oh says:

    Hi, A, well, it seems he’s clearly adopted the spot. There’ s no more tinsel on the tree there (I had added tinsel after taking the picture) and the tree skirt is a little roughed up. So be it. Huck makes me laugh and love his little eccentricities all the more.

  • Bree says:

    Too funny. We have the same problem with our cats. They love laying under the tree and on the occasion we find one in the tree.

  • Raven says:

    Adorable beagle!! My girls also love to be underfoot and in the way all the time. Ya got to love that! <:]

    Please take a peek at our Happy Tails Beagle list, it’s a fun place for beagle owners.

    Here’s a link

    Hope to see ya there!

    Please give Huck a kiss and belly rub from us.

    Molly, Beagle
    Lucy, Aussie Kelpie

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