Advent Day 18 … mantel in the library

December 18, 2008 § 7 Comments








The Santa on the left is a “new” impulse purchase and he didn’t have a “place” ’til he’d been sitting on the kitchen counter for hours, still in the bag. I know they’ll go on sale in January; there were still plenty of those Santas on the shelf in Target when I was there the other day. But it seems he’s glad to be here.

The angel in the middle with the red ribbon is from a wreath the year our son, Snarl, was born.

The Santa picture above the mantel, a gift from Mom, won this spot this year. He’s a rather Swedish looking St. Nick. I’ve been thinking of putting huge gold snowflakes on the brick around him, to balance “the scale” (I get manic about “scale” in decorating), but for now he’s  jolly happy to be in the limelight.

Oops, not pictured, but they’re on the mantel since I snapped the photo: A little #1 candle with an elf, a Xmas gift/bauble when our daughter, Laylou,was born. The small red wooden soldier was carved by a man in NC who also made dulcimers which was why we were in his shop to begin with.

The three gold candles? I dunno. They tend to wander around the house the rest of the year, but love showing off at Xmas. The winged wooden dog, sitting sweetly, is for our dear old dog, Tucker, who we had for 11 years and he traveled everywhere with us. He was a dog that came, pronto, when you called him.

And the tall mannequin wooden man? That’s Max. HM gave him to me our first Xmas in NYC.  He is presently sporting his red and green Xmas stocking hat (worth a picture later, also). 

The rest is garland and lights and faux cranberries. Those cranberries tucked, hither and yon, are rather a theme around my house, a New England thing.

Yes, there is more to decorate. It’s going in stages this year. Three rooms and the foyer are done; the kitchen is next.


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§ 7 Responses to Advent Day 18 … mantel in the library

  • laylou says:

    I suppose I never thought about how much history is on your (our) mantel.
    I got all sentimental reading it.
    Tucker & Poppy are probably two of our family members I miss most this time of year.
    That’s all I can say considering I’m at work and teary-eyed.

  • qugrainne says:

    Oh, what a beautiful mantel, and wonderfully full of memories. I wish the picture were larger so I could see the details! It is so much fun to step into your home for a peak.
    I am so glad you are having fun decorating. I will get back at it for finishing touches this weekend. And helping the elves with wrapping…

  • anno says:

    I’ve loved this series you’ve posted on your Christmas decorating, especially with the accompanying anecdotes about your favorite items… seems like there’s an article idea in there somewhere. Beautiful pictures!

  • oh says:

    L – I will tour you around the house and tell you all kinds of wonderful Xmas “histories” about the decorations. And we’ll laugh and cry!

    Q- thank you! I have zoomed in on a few details in the next entry. And yes, this wrapping thing!!!

    Anno – mmm…an article? (pause. Me, thinking.) You know, you might be right. Thank you for stopping in. I feel like I’m “cheating” in blogworld by not writing and just “photo-ing” but geez, there hasn’t been a lot of think time. It’s the lovely holiday whirl and hope you’re having a beautiful season so far!

  • anno says:

    Since I’m not much of a decorator (my idea of decorating for Christmas is putting up the tree; on other occasions, I rely strictly on the comfortable clutter of books and magazines for ambiance), I’ve been quite taken with your idea of decorating with things that have meaning for you. Especially after seeing the lovely results & reading the lovely stories you’ve included here.

    Seems like the opposite of the Martha Stewart approach, and, personally, that seems like a good thing.

  • jeanie says:

    How beautiful! Reading backwards, I see how all the woodies fit into the whole! I’m glad you bought that Santa. You’d have to wait a whole year to have him about if you’d waited! And he’s wonderful! Thank you!!!

  • oh says:

    Anno – ya made me laugh, with the Martha Stewart thing comment. Wow, she would tear her hair out around here. Maybe not, though.

    Jeanie- right! you’re right – good thing I didn’t wait on buying Santa. I’ve never been good at that January sale thing.

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