Decorating: zooming in on the mantel …

December 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

The objets on the mantel enjoy a “close up” because they were  mentioned in the prior entry. (And,  it’s late and I just can’t break into the writing zone… Christmas dinner party and dancing on a week night – great fun, great joy, and now, greatly good for nothing but the couch!)








the carved wood soldier from NC …










Laylou’s candle …










Max in his Christmas hat …


Tuck, the wonderful dog (can you see the little brass halo?)














the angel …


the (sort of) Swedish looking Santa picture…


and, of course, the Christmas beagle, enjoying yet another sleeping stake-out, the comfy couch!


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§ 3 Responses to Decorating: zooming in on the mantel …

  • qugrainne says:

    Thanks! That was just the tour I wanted! And the good old Christmas beagle, wallowing in the joy of the season. This is a fun, Christmas tour. Don’t feel guilty about not writing. If you feel guilty, then i will have to feel guilty!
    Dancing!? Wow – lots of energy.

  • jeanie says:

    Your mantle is fabulous! Love Max! Love ’em all! And best of all — the beagle! I’m so glad to see pictures of your space, your world, your Christmas!

    And thank you for your wonderful comments on my blogaversary! Hugs!

  • oh says:

    Dear Q, so glad it you visited! And that crazy old Huck had to be included. I’m going to have to post something about the big dog, Bear, though. He’s been left out.

    As for writing, um, well, we’ll get to it, won’t we?

    Jeanie – thank for stopping in for the Xmas tour. Actually, it may go this way thru the holiday season, cuz as I mentioned to Qugrainne, haven’t really been picking up the pen lately. But, there are one or two spots where some more garland would be very appropriate, so maybe I’ll do that now. Hugs to you and Rick, too! more later!

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