Battle of the Beds … a Holiday picto-story

December 28, 2008 § 6 Comments


This is Jack, Laylou’s dog. When she comes to the house, Jack comes, too. He’s as sweet as  a marshmallow and as well-behaved as a teen. Everyone loves him. ‘Cept maybe Huck; it’s difficult to tell who Huck loves.

Like the “house” dogs, Huck and Bear, Jack is fond of bedding, soft things, cushions, pillows. Laylou very thoughtfully brings along Jack’s bed when she visits. This is an attempt to keep Jack off the furniture.

However, (not pictured), it is not uncommon to walk into the living room and see HM asleep in his wing chair and the dogs sleeping there, too, protected by his snoring and his unwatchful eye. In such a scenario, one dog, typically Jack, will be in the other wing chair. Bear will be at HM’s feet, splayed out like an old rug. Huck will take the couch, the entire 3-person couch. The living room morphs from “elegant” to “medieval castle.”  Those who enter such a scene are likely to withdraw quietly and find something to do elsewhere in the house.

On Christmas, Jack’s bed was set down in the foyer, still in view of any and everything going on. Little matter, though, as far as Jack was concerned. The humans were taking up all the seats in the living room, but still the dogs stirred about in there – where could they sit? Too many presents all over the place. Where could they climb up and get comfortable? Too many humans actually using furniture.

What to do? What to do?
Bear camped out in medias res. We were all forced to step over him when coming in and out of the room.

Huck insinuated himself in the sun, among some presents, but was restless.

This just isn’t right, he said to himself over and over.

Jack was quietly frantic.
-Could I get on the couch? he implored, using one of his best expressions.


-No, said Laylou.
-No, Jack.
-Could I at least have Huck’s spot in the sun?
-No, certainly not! said Huck, from across the room.

-Jack, said Laylou, why don’t you just go lie in your bed?
-I’d rather be on the couch. Near you. Jack thought surely this would work. It didn’t.

Huck left the room. Too much conversation, too much noise. That darn Jack stole the attention and made such a ruckus besides.

-There now, Jack, you can have the spot in the sun, Laylou said.
-Thanks, I don’t want it. I’ll just go find my bed and get in it, Jack said, picking his way through the presents. He sighed, his lips blowing out.

We all chuckled and watched. We knew what Jack was about to find in his bed!



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§ 6 Responses to Battle of the Beds … a Holiday picto-story

  • laylou says:

    Oh! What great pictures of all the dogs and a great story too =)
    Silly Jack… he tried to get on the couch last night with TDH and I when his bed was right there. Who knows what goes through their minds 🙂

  • anno says:

    Great pictures, and a great story, too! I loved your image of living room as a medieval castle — so perfect — makes me wish for another dog (or two!) to imitate the concept.

  • Becca says:

    Who needs tv when you have dogs to entertain you? And two of them around are definitely twice the fun 🙂

    Happy New Year, Oh!

  • oh says:

    L – your Jackie has a mind of his own, but like the rest of the family doggie boyz, he wants to be “close.”

    Thanks, Anno – I’ll share more about the two dogs so you WON”T have to get dogs – trust me, they’re a handful.

    Becca! you are sooo right – they are entertaining and watching their interaction is always fun (and kinda zen-like). Happy New Year to you, too!!!!

  • qugrainne says:

    Great story, Oh. I could totally identify with it! We brought our alpha pooch, Terra, to my mom’s, and three other family members brought their pups. It was mayhem! My poor mother, who has her favorite “granddogger” was quite overwhelmed.
    Jack is the cutest guy, but I hope Huck got to stay in that nice, comfy bed!

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, I am delighted — smiling, actually chuckling aloud at the woebegone Jack and his quest for the perfect seat! I can see them all jockeying — not terribly successfully — for position! And smart ol’ Huck! I can imagine you were all chuckling (and how I’d loved to have seen the photo of the gang all curled up, protected by gentle snoring!

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