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January 9, 2009 § 5 Comments

Becca is back with Write on Wednesday  Thursday, no, it really happens on Wednesday but um, yes, I’m late.

The new year is reflected in her challenge as she asks: “What fresh new ideas do you have for your writing?”

My psyche did a backflip. Whoa.
What, indeed, have I done or considered to keep the writing fresh, a word that applies to my laundry, the sheets on our bed, the air outside here in the Midwest and the ink cartridge I just popped into the printer. But, my writing?

As I wrote a book review for SAUCE magazine last week, I got a little panicky. Was this the same thing, the same way, the same concepts I used in the last two reviews I had done? Was I already formulaic, predictable in how I addressed the book, too full of some subjectivity, some cloying personal beliefs that smeared the actual review? Did I use the same set up, the same kind of phrasing? (OMG, I feel panic setting in as I write this.)

Maybe one of the things that keeps writing fresh is a duality, no, a tri-ality:
1) respect the deadline and write far in advance of it so that it is not, at any point, written under “pressure” and thus avoid non-freshness
2) write free of deadlines (there can’t always be one, though some writers can’t write anything WITHOUT one
3) yet if there is no deadline (as with some of our fiction), perhaps, we might do well to give ourselves one.

How do the above relate to fresh?  It has to do with time and space to allow liveliness in the writing. The way the piece pops, or resonates or … just sits there, refusing to be moved by a bulldozer.

First step, shake up the reading matter. 
Break out of the reading safe zone and try something new.

Also, taking a look into “visual rhetoric,” something Linda (Shoreacres) pointed out; something, in fact, that has heavy impact on modern writing and reading.



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§ 5 Responses to Write on Wednesday

  • anno says:

    How to keep it fresh… there’s the question. And a great post you’ve written on the topic. I think you’re onto something with the reading; I’d love to hear more about the “visual rhetoric.”

  • jeanie says:

    This is a new take on “fresh.” I love equating time and deadlines to freshness — determining when you need them and when you don’t. That’s very good food for thought. And your tip on breaking up the reader matter and trying something new — a goal to work with!

    I hardly ever get WOW on Wednesday! And I can work with that!

  • Becca says:

    I think shaking life up in lots of ways helps give us fresh perspective. I’ve been exercising more, and even that has given me new energy to write.

    Deadlines are something of a necessary evil for me. That’s why NaNoWriMo has worked so well 🙂

  • qugrainne says:

    I didn’t connect my current reading to writing, but your post brought my thought process around. I have checked out a bunch of books from the library that are outside of my usual zone. I guess I will have to see how it affects my writing…. which I have not been doing in any way, shape or form. This week, for sure!

  • oh says:

    Anno – I’ll do a post on “visual rhetoric.” As mentioned, Shoreacres pointed it out to me so I looked it up and am still grasping it. More on that to come …

    Jeanie – Seeems like “fresh” is a good motto for the year, overall, doesn’t it?

    Becca – You’re right about the exercising. Something I had kinda given up in December but am gently, very gently, doing again. So deadlines work for you, too?

    Q – I’ll bet the books you pick up, even if you don’t read them completely will get your own wheels turning. But there’s no rush to write, right? We’ll get to it.

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