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January 31, 2009 § 4 Comments

Things I might write, but they’ll take some work and some are in progress and the sun is out and the Orchid Show is on at the Botanical Garden and I”m not an orchid lover per se but who can ignore those (sometimes freaky) gorgeous blooms and not try to take some of them along, fresh and beautiful in one’s psyche, and the “upstairs office” is coming along and thoughts of (corporate) work keep trying to surface, asking for attention but they’re being relegated to their proper Monday thinking timeslot, and we’re headed to Nory’s for dinner because she invited us and that’s rare and wonderful cuz her Saturday night dance card is usually full and there is some much to tell and share and do and yet, blog wise, I’m Little Miss Blah-g today.

Blog entries that just might occur …
 – An explanation of visual rhetoric and how it impacts our blogs. (this one is deeper than I thought and as it is now, in draft, you’ll shake your head and say “so what?” so that one’s on the back burner … again.
 – A request to anyone who reads this blog to consider submitting a prayer for a collection of prayers I’m doing again for Liguori Publications. No, I haven’t gone all “churchy”; it’s a project. I’m the messenger. I’m the acquisitions and development editor for putting together a book of prayers for, and written by cancer survivors, their family members, or their friends. I feel pretty deeply about this one. It touches so many people that we are and that we know. I have to say a million thank to who already got the ball rolling for me (go see!), and to Jeanie at who is so supportive.
What else is in the blog pipeline?
 – A picture story – no words at all.
 – More about the beagle and the big black dog – pets are so popular. They garners tons of positive attention.
 – Some tidbits from books about writing that I am presently reading. Why? I dunno.
 – Something creative – but what if I put it out there and you don’t like it?
 – About the Oscar choices, and screenplays vs movies vs books. Though “vs” is not quite the right word.

Sheesh. Such indecision.
Signed, Oh, the Pisces who today chooses to swim in shallower waters where it’s safer.

AND NOW, TO CHASE THE BLAH-GS AWAY … a few flowers from this afternoon’s adventure at the Orchid Show …





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§ 4 Responses to Blah(g) …

  • wordlily says:

    Ooh, I visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis once! Loved it. These orchids are nice.

  • laylou says:

    I have a list of blogs I want to write also.
    I am turning into a person who carries notes of things she wants to write about in her day planner and purse. I guess I really need to figure out the self-hosting thing!

  • qugrainne says:

    I visited your Botanical Gardens too, some years ago. Your orchid photos are lovely – they really are freaky, gorgeous plants, so hard to grow. Have you read Nero Wolf? He had an orchid room on the top floor of his New York brownstone. He also had a full time chef. sigh.
    I am waiting for the entry on ‘visual rhetoric’ – certainly not so what!!
    What is the deadline for the prayer? I would like to consult with my cousin who just spent the last 6 months in the US (and away from her 10 year old son) for a radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation. She is a very spiritual person – in an Eastern way – and I think she would like to participate.
    Let me jump to “Something creative – but what if I put it out there and you don’t like it?” That’s the chance you have to take, darling. Be brave – dive in – you can only learn from it. You have been very creative here, if you haven’t noticed, and I haven’t read any slams yet!!
    And yes, pets are good. 🙂

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, my. All I can say is “oh my.” Oh. My. These are absolutely amazing images. Do you get the free mailers from Every so often they often free note cards and you upload your pic and they’re great. This should go on a card — or two or three!

    All your ideas sound wonderful (and by the way, thanks for the plug!) and I can’t wait to read, comment and participate in all of them!

    BOY! You are so motivated. Wow!

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