Sunday white

February 22, 2009 § 12 Comments

Several weeks ago, Carrie posted a week’s worth of entries theming each day with a color.  I loved it.  Spinning off that idea, I am going with a week’s worth of one color. This week, it’s all about  WHITE, which literally is not a color “they” say, but oh well. 
We are taking our cameras into crazy territory: stores, class, work, and shooting a picture of my unmade bed? Egads, my British Gran would find this beyond propriety. But it’s the lovely heap of sheets and a comforter, I might explain. It’s too make you feel the warm tumble of linen and down.
Still,  I’m sure she should would have no  part of it.


One of the things that’s difficult to leave:  the warm winter bed.
I love white dishes. 
“And a lemon on a white plate?” Gran might ask.
“Um, well, you see, I love the yellow against the white,” I would answer. 


Tapas size: I know these small white ramekins are for creme brulee (etc.) but I find them charming and use them for all sorts of things, not the least of which is serving small portions of large calorie things (like ice cream, creamed corn, yogurt sundaes…and personal place setting butter.)

“Harumph, what are those? Little somewhat fluted white bowls?” Gran might ask. “Well, there’s nothing particularly wrong nor odd…nor even particularly special, about those,” she might add, before returning to the pages of her gardening magazine.

BOOK SELECTIONS … (the following pictures are from Google Images)


White as a design value is not cold, not sterile, not flat. Take a look. AT HOME WITH WHITE is yet another of those picture books I get lost in.

I have to include Carolyn’s book; she does nice books, coffee table books you want to look at over and over agin. This one incorporates  in blue, and though it sounds sensible, as in starkly obvious that white and blue work together, it’s a pairing we often forget about. Think outside the Nantucket beaches box.

In summary:  Shades of white and white-and-blue create great writer-can-think spaces and places.


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§ 12 Responses to Sunday white

  • Kim L says:

    Haha your commentary about your proper British gran made me laugh. My mom is like that… she doesn’t quite get arsty photos. When I got married, I instructed the photog to take plenty of candids because I liked how they turned out, and my mom kept saying, “geez, can I smile first before you take the picture?”

    She didn’t understand why I liked a picture I had taken at a wedding of just the couple from behind holding hands. “You can’t see their faces!”

    BTW, very nice photos!

  • Ian says:

    You certainly set yourself a hard task there: white pghotographs. But, you have risen to the challenge. What next? Colourless?

  • Carrie says:

    I love white… i can’t wait to see what you spy!

  • jeanie says:

    FABULOUS images! Oh, that lemon on that plate! And that bed — I want to crawl into those sheets NOW!

    Ramekins are the perfect size for a zillion things — like food prep dishes; art-supply dividers; sugar bowls; condiment bowls; jewelry and loose change catchers; cat water bowls; M&M containers for every available space… Oh yeah… for creme brulee, too!

  • laylou says:

    That bed looks amazingly comfortable. I miss my down comforter ;(

  • oh says:

    Thanks, Kim – ANd I bet I’d love your wedding album – candids are great – they tell such stories. And I bet your Mom looked beautiful, smile or no smile!

    Ian – very cool that you stopped by. And you made me laugh right out loud with your question about what’s next “colurless?” I dunno. I took my camera to work with me today, you know, in case some photo op presented itself. I forget the SD card. geez.

    Carrie – oh boy, the work week makes it tough to wander around and “see” things, ya know?

    Jeanie – You mentioned using ramekins for M&Ms! Yes!!! I just did that last night! Made “personal” bowls of M&Ms for everyone who gathered here to watch the Oscars. Now, to go look at my “papers” again to get some ideas … I especially love the cream colored piece with the blue stars on it that you sent.

  • oh says:

    Hey, where IS your comforter? I mean, I think I’ll use the comforter even in the summer. (Remember, I live with Mr. Freeze and that a/c makes my teeth chatter!)

  • shoreacres says:

    Serendipity! I thought of you in Kroger’s line tonight when I saw the new cover of Texas Monthly – an elegant, pure white cowboy hat on a pure white background and the cover story: Texas Style.

    I thought of you first because of the “style” reference but I now I see it was only your week of whiteness that made me notice! Here’s the URL for the cover image:

  • oh says:

    Linda – that is an AWESOME cover! love it. love the hat. Too bad I missed it when there two weeks ago (already?). Hmmm… a white cowoboy hat … me likey.

  • Bellezza says:

    We have all white sheets, all white towels, all white dishes. I think they’re very beautiful, and very peaceful. I grew up with lots of pattern, and after awhile…ick. I’ve had enough. I really enjoyed this post.

  • anno says:

    I love the peace of white dishes, still have the ones I bought when I got my first apartment; and, until we moved into this house, I still used them. They just don’t work with the brick, the deep apricot color on the walls or the amber lights, and I’m not ready yet to re-do the room to use the dishes. Maybe someday. Seeing yours kind of inspires me…

  • Désirée says:

    What a lovely idea. Isn’t it great to be inspired by other blogs?

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