Monday White …

February 23, 2009 § 6 Comments

HM was up first this morning. We rise like farmers, one or the other of us. The dogs, age 15 and 13, are up at 5:45, without fail. They go from senior canine snoring to full alertness with an intense need to get outdoors fast to take an immediate pee, sometimes taking the stairs so quickly, their feet stutter over one or two of the steps near the bottom before they clatter into the kitchen and stand at the glass door, waiting for it to magically open. It doesn’t.

One of us has to get downstairs just ahead of them and slide the door open.  The morning air, regardless of season, puts pep in their step and when they’re ready to come back in and stand barking at the door, you can hear their stomachs growling. It’s feeding time. Immediately.

The big dog herds whoever is the morning chef into the laundry room where stands the sack of (oh so delicious) dog food. Really, though, if it’s HM who’s up first, they get  toast and cheese and a bit of warm milk or warm something, I dunno. 

Yet when I’m first, you can hear them mutter under their breaths, something like  ‘the wife is giving us breakfast so stand by for cold dry dog food slung into our dishes. Well, it’s better than nothing.’

I see the resignation in the slump of their tails. And on such occasions, when I’m sure I’ve heard their derisive comments, I go to the extreme. I cook eggs AND toast, maybe break  up a few biscuits into the dish as well, and maybe a few pieces of chicken from the night before. In short, I cook for them, too. 

They don’t remember. They remember only the sweet routine that HM offers them. And so, this morning, he was up and singing. He’s been listening to old time radio at night and in the morining, he is singing. This morning, I lay there grabbing the xtra 27 minutes you get when you’re NOT the first one up, thus avoiding for the first time in days, the dog letting out, letting in and breakfast making as well as making the coffee, setting up the coffee cups with cream and sugar, and the pawing about in the fridge for something for each of us to take to work for lunch.

I sauntered down the requisite 20 minutes or so into his mission. HM was wiping crumbs from the counter as I slid onto the stool across from him.

“Coffee?” he asked.
“Yes, thanks. Lovely,” I said as he set a mug in front of me.
I was so happy to be served, glad we weren’t running around like maniacs getting ready for the day, not yet.

I picked up the cup, glanced at it before I sipped because it wasn’t my usual mug.
And I laughed.
“What?” he said, pausing in his countertop ministrations.
“I don’t know, this strikes me funny, that’s all,” I said, turning the cup so he could see what it said.


 (But I think running for my camera and snapping a photo of this struck him funnier than my reaction to the writing on the cup.)

Book Selection …


COFFEE, TEA OR ME? by Baker, Jones and Bain, 1967 –  “The Uninhibited memoirs of two airline stewardesses.”   I remember reading it long before I should have, probably as a mid-teen en route to summer with family, and I remember kind of wondering ‘what the ____???’

One reviewer calls it ”  glam and strict”  in retrospect.  Uninhibited in 1967 , the book may be nothing short of hohum in today’s immodest world. If you haven’t read it, I can’t say that you should. If you have read it, I defy you to recount the plot (without looking at the TOC that Amazon lets you view. )  The title, however, became one of those ha-ha mainstream cliches that people like our parental units, would say jokingly at gatherings (once again, winning a reprimanding sniff from our Gran if she overheard their jokiness.) 

Hey, I just needed a  book that I’ve read that has coffee in the title to go with this entry.

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§ 6 Responses to Monday White …

  • Care says:

    BRILLIANT POST! I loved every word, every evoked image.
    I had no idea that “Coffee, Tea, Or Me” was a book! I certainly know the phrase… Great tie in.

  • oh says:

    thans, Care – and I was surprised to see the book is still available…but that’s good old Amazon …

  • anno says:

    Beautiful post! When I read it first yesterday morning, my own dog was begging for his routine: a run outdoors, followed by treats. Made me laugh to hear about yours at the same time.

    Made me laugh, too, to remember Coffee, Tea, or Me. Back when I shelved books at the public library in high school, that was one of the books we considered as highly salacious reading, to be surreptitiously browsed during those endless hours when we were supposed to be “proofing” the shelves.

  • laylou says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw the coffee mug Dad gave you.
    And he really was up before you? I wonder how he gets up before you and still is late to work 🙂 (joke, I promise).

    Jack has started this odd thing called getting up early and it’s NOT COOL.

  • oh says:

    Anno – Our big dog is right here next to me as I type, and he’s panting and perking his ears, trying to figure out if I’m leaving for the office or staying home. Aren’t they great, these doggie children? Funny to hear how you know about the ever randy Coffee Tea or Me?, there in the near-holy confines of the public library!!!

  • oh says:

    Laylou – Where did we get that mug? I think Snarl left it at the house; something to do with a welcome gift at university. I dunno.
    Good luck with Jackie keeping farm dog hours. Ugh. Way too early for a run before dawn!

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