Thursday … full moon white

February 26, 2009 § 8 Comments

Say hello to Mr. Moon.


(pictured here on the couch in my at-home office – on black paper, for atmosphere!)

HM and I bought him in NYC in 1980. At Saraparilla Deco Designs. He’s a light.  (I’ve tucked the cord into the back of his head, where there is also a small hole for hanging him up. )
And he’s been hanging around our house, wherever we’ve lived, ever since he first gently lit a corner of our NY studio apartment.  Came with us to Jersey, where we had a condo with an eat-in kitchen (oh, sheer luxury!), then on to Lake Norman, NC where he stayed in Nory’s room, then Snarl’s; then on to Orlando where he just couldn’t be outdone by all the cheeky charm on which that city survives (from KingKong billboards with action movement and light up eyes to Spiderman climbing Universal walls, over and over and over on a billboard). And then on to St. Louis where he shared time in Nory’s room, then Snarl’s when  Nory said she was done with nightlight.

But he’s bigger than a nightlight! Oh, yes. When Snarl started putting up posters of cars and girls and whatever struck his fancy, Mr. Moon moved. He now spends his time shining in the Library. Every evening, early, he is turned on. Every evening, late, he is turned off.

dscn5607(pictured here with “star” paper that Jeanie , paper artist, sent me!)

Oh, he’s seen things, he has, that Mr. Moon.
And he just keeps winking and smiling that big white smile.

Book Selections …

GOODNIGHT, MOON – need I say more?

THE MOON AND SIXPENCE – Somerset Maugham. I loved this book though I could never have loved the man, Strickland (based on Paul Gaugin) and found his pursuit of Art to be radical in view of what he gave up to engage fully in it. I am always up for a Maugham story; he’s another of those authors whose story doesn’t seem to exist but it is, it does – it’s all about and based on character, the character of his characters.  And if you haven’t tried THE PAINTED VEIL, you might give it a whirl as well.

§ 8 Responses to Thursday … full moon white

  • qugrainne says:

    I am so enjoying your white week, and I LOVE Mr. Moon. He is a charmer, and what a great night light.

    Good Night Moon was one of the favorites in our house. I can still recite it, no problem.

    Thanks for the fun week, Oh.

  • jeanie says:

    This is unbelievably cool. I’ve always been fond of the moon — all kinds of moons — full, crescent, eclipsed, on statues, jewelry, Christmas trees and now lights! What a face! And what a treasure to have accompany you through life!

    I loved Good Night, Moon, too. Cheers!

  • anno says:

    Mr Moon and the blue stars make perfect companions, and an excellent addition to your Library. Excellent recommended book pairings as well: Good Night Moon is one of my all-time favorites, and I appreciated the reminder about Somerset Maugham. Like others here, I am enjoying your posts this week, getting to see the different faces of White…

  • laylou says:

    This post made me all teary-eyed for some reason.
    I suppose because I miss the innocence of living at home and having/needing a night light in my room.
    I still love Mr. Moon. Remember when we joked that his “winking eye” switched eyes each night?

    Goodnight Moon- best kids book ever.
    Your book selections this week are adding to my never-ending list of books to read!

  • Care says:

    Mr. Moon is awesome. And I love that you’ve moved a lot. I’m in my 7th house…

  • shoreacres says:

    It took all of your “white week” for me to remember that I used to “live white” – white walls, linens, dishes. White is clean and crisp and cool, but about five years ago something happened. I had to paint my apartment, and I did – every lick of it.

    All of the white turned into yellow green and cream, a translucent ice blue, yellow, sandstone – and a faux Ralph Lauren rock wall for good measure. It was a true case of “see” changes!

  • litlove says:

    How lovely to have a piece of home that’s been a piece of so many homes. And I loved The Moon and Sixpence by Maugham. If only I had the time, I’d reread it.

  • oh says:

    Oh, Qu, I’m so glad you’re enjoying white week. Must scout out something more maybe today.

    Jeanie thank you again for that “star” paper – Mr. Moon loves it, too (as you can see!)

    Anno – thanks for your lovely comment. I don’t know if you do the movie rental thing but if you do and you haven’t seen THE PAINTED VEIL, you might like it very much. One I think Maugham would have been OK with.

    Care- there’s a lot (of good) to be said for moving around a lot, and just as much for being in the same place. Funny we’ve settled here in St. Louis – I never would have guessed it. But it’s lovely.

    Laylou- So glad you still love your good old Moon man. You’re right! I’d forgotten we talked about him winking one eye, then the other. Love these little falmily traditions and stories! (BTW, Moon is yours if ever you like …)

    Shoreacres – Color rocks! Your walls sound sublime. And sunny climes cry out for color especially. The sun can’t “wash them” away.

    Litlove – I think we should each treat ourselves to a reading vacation. However, I’m sure that in no less than 10 minutes, you could come up with a stack of books that would take far more than a week’s vacation to finish! Still, wouldn’t it be lovely?

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