When corporate meets creative …

March 12, 2009 § 8 Comments

Sometimes, the crackberry, Covey planner, handy notepad or sharp memory are just not around or to be relied upon when something needs to be recorded…so, what’s a multi-tasker to do?

Good old red marker (for impact) as a writing tool and the back of the hand for paper.
Oh, and it makes a lovely impression.
But impression be damned; I needed to remember the info … create an ftp folder, originate binder cover art and coordinate the layout of a final report.  Done, done and done.

Later that evening…
“What’s that on your hand?” asked HM (aka Mr. IT).
“What? Oh, that,” I said, glancing at my hand where the words “Final Rpt” had blurred to “final R…” followed by a red smear.  “It’s just a quick list of things I didn’t want to forget. A stopgap.”
“Hmmm…must have been a busy day, eh?”
Funny what happens in a day that can make you smile, and recall the girlish doodlings of elementary school.


It’s a poor workman who blames her tools.   (proverb)


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§ 8 Responses to When corporate meets creative …

  • Andi says:

    At this moment, I have a phone number scribbled on my palm in red ink, and usually I have something written there in purple – in the color I use to grade student papers. Sometimes something is too important to be relegated to a tiny sheet of compressed pulp that could be buried among the thousands of others on my desk.

    Thanks for this giggle.

  • anno says:

    This made me laugh, too! Isn’t it good to know you can still find the girl you used to be?

  • laylou says:

    Ha, that’s funny. I have tons of post-its note and scribbles on paper all over the place. It’s kind of funny but can be super messy at times.


  • oh says:

    Andi – glad to hear from another “hand” writer! lol

    Anno – and speaking of elementary, have just found some of my elementary school class pictures! egads.

    Laylou – I have a pile of notes on my desk that each morning I think I will put in their proper place. Actually, the pile gets added to on a regular basis, as well!

    Q- “crackberry” is slang for Blackberry, basically because so many who have them are so “connected” they can’t put them down, as in an addiction, thus the crack reference. In fact,Blackberry users who are after updates, reviews, etc for their handhelds have an “offcial” website where they retrieve info and the latest and greatest – it’s called crackberry! Go to http://www.crackberry.com!

  • Becca says:

    I haven’t done that in a long time, but well remember the scribbles all over my hands in high school! Now I rely on sticky notes 🙂

  • oh says:

    Becca, I think it’s a conspiracy but although I keep sticky notes in my desk drawers, they are never there when I go to use them!

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