When writers get up early …

March 14, 2009 § 2 Comments

Ironing is rivaled by cutting up crudites on my housekeeping hit parade.  Sometimes, there’s nothing better than cutting up huge sweet carrots and slicing through snappy celery, creating stacks of snack.  Looks like HM picked up hummus. Yum. Yum-mus.


I can’t buy the ready-cuts at the store. That would mean missing out on the Zen of food prep. Besides, I have always avoided those pound bags of baby carrots, those mini ready-to-eats; something about them just isn’t natural, not in such multi-bag plenitude, all ready to go.


So while the sun is shining and the birds are swinging on the feeder and Huck and Bear are gazing through the glass doors, letting the birds be without any barking frenzy, I can stand and wash and slice and toss into snap-lid containers the riches from some garden somewhere out there, then stick them on the top shelf of the fridge because a few hours from now,  Snarl and his gang, who are home on Spring break, will plunder the kitchen, find the veggies (they are not meat eaters, at least not now) and set them on the table with dip and hummus and just keep talking and planning and eating and making their plans and living their lives with a timeout at the kitchen table.

And when they’re done with all that, I’ll be ready with the next round of “home” cooking. The baking … !


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