You gotta have heart …

March 14, 2009 § 9 Comments

Blogging colleague Seachanges left a surprise for me and it was an award! The I Heart Your Blog award. 

Which inspires the question, why do we love Blogworld?  Overall, wonderful things pop up here, including:  answers to questions. Leads to cool links. Conversation. References. Reminders. Lifestlye views. Compliments.  Kudos. Different perspectives. Design. Pictures. Ideas. Tunes to whistle the rest of the day. Weather insights. And words – the curious and enormous impact of words.

Thanks, SC. And I tip my hat today to the following , adding that this list would flux and flex on any given day and there are so so many that I could, should and would “heart”):

Laylou – She recounts the 20-something world, with wisdom
Third-Storey Window – for her writing and pictures
Marmalade Gypsy – For the joie de vivre, the photos, too – For the Gypsy himself!
The Task at Hand – For the writing.
Linda’s Poetry – because we need poetry. We need poets. Poets need us. 
Bold.Blue.Adventure. – because she cares about books and is probably reading something you’re not
Distraction No. 99 – NYer, a writer also working in the publishing world.

Yes, there are so many more. Hearts to all!

To the above 7, pass it on. Copy the picture and tag 7 others, then go to their blog sites and leave them a comment about their award. Maybe it seems a lot of work. No one will check on whether you do it or not, so no worries. Just know that I think you’ve got “heart!”



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§ 9 Responses to You gotta have heart …

  • laylou says:

    thanks! I have coveted this award since I saw it making the rounds. I will definitely post this on my blog in the next few days. Thanks so much =)

  • oh says:

    Congrats, babycakes! you really really deserve the award…several, in fact.

  • Snarl says:

    Glad to see I made the list. Now you’ve fudged the bucket.

  • Andi says:

    You absolutely deserve this award, and thanks for the tips on some new blogs.

  • ds says:

    Thank you so much; this means a lot. And you know I “heart” your blog, for your wisdom and wry humor. Thank you!

  • jeanie says:

    oh, diana, This is just the lift I needed. And congtatulations to you — this is so very deserved.

    When i can type a little better, i’ll post this!

    And i love the zen of veggies — its why i made soup the night before the surgery — relaxing.

    Mant thanks! j

  • Kim L says:

    Aw, thanks for the award! I can see that I’m in good company 🙂

  • shoreacres says:

    Mama, who refers to my computer as “that machine” and who is certain ax murderers and graft artists come out of it at night, was here for her 91st birthday dinner last evening. I showed her my new award. She looked at it a moment, but said nothing until, in the middle of dinner and apropos of nothing, she looked up and mused, “Those must be some nice people on that machine if they’re passing hearts around.”

    So thank you. Thank you for the award, and thank you for the constancy of your support, and thank you most of all for replacing ax murderers and graft artists in my mother’s head, if only for a while!

  • oh says:

    You are ALL so cool, funny, hip, caring, smart, sharing and open. Onward!

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