A burst of blooms in a bucket …

March 16, 2009 § 7 Comments

I was a huge fan of Picasso’s “flowers.”  How many of us had it on our dorm room wall?

picasso(from Google images)

But there have been flowers from HM, flowers and flowers and flowers over the years, almost always with a poem he’s penned. And then yesterday morning, before I even had the coffee cup to my lips as I stared out the back windows at Spring tinging the trees, he ahem-ed (softly) and I turned around and there he was with these.


Book Selections…

hmmm… funny what comes to mind FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON? oh, that’s so sad. Good, but sad. MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL?  A freakin’ murder mystery based in part on a true story, for pete’s sake… ok, how about I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN? Egads, scoring high on “disturbing” it’s not a feel good;  it’s a story of a young teen’s battle with insanity …. ok, wait, let’s see (sound of fingers tapping on the desk,) …flowers, gardens, blooms…is there not a happy flower garden blooms book?- I’m hellbent on offering a happy one. OK, I”ll settle at the moment for Burnett’s THE SECRET GARDEN which is hard going in the beginning for the young heroine but all does work out…just fine. There, I didn’t ruin it for you, did I? Find someone young to read it with.



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§ 7 Responses to A burst of blooms in a bucket …

  • ds says:

    Guilty as charged re the Picasso (it was in the bookstore; it was cheap. What else was necessary?) But…you were ‘harumphed’? With flowers? BEFORE COFFEE? And they are beautiful–such vibrant colors & the vase/bucket thingy is the perfect contrast. Did you have that, or did he choose that as well? Well done!
    SG okay, but I always preferred Sara Crewe–think it was the monkey…

  • anne says:

    I had it on my dorm wall…. I was a bit obsessed with Picasso in college and did a paper on him. It was one of the few assignments in college I actually enjoyed.

    The flowers? Beautiful. Before coffee? Thoughtful. The vase? I agree with “ds”, like the icing on the cake.

    Hope you had a great birthday !

  • qugrainne says:

    Bright, colorful, romantic! What more could you ask for on a chilly spring morning when green in the garden is still a dream?

    May I recommend a non-fiction title? Scent in the Garden by Stephen Lacey is a wonderful book, and will convince you “Scent is the most potent and bewitching substance in the gardener’s repertory…”

    It’s almost spring!

  • ds says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!

  • Seachanges says:

    Happy happy birthday – the flowers as beautiful as the container/vase. Love the colours. And no, I did not have that Picasso…

  • laylou says:

    I had that Picasso picture on my walls too. I don’t know when I finally gave in and tossed it.

    Secret Garden… aww, what a great book!

  • oh says:

    dear ds – I changed the “harumph” (wrong word) to an “ahem.” And I already had the vase-bucket. I had purchased it ages ago for a gift, never gave it and liked it so much, I kept it around. And thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Anne- Aha! you had the picure, too! The b’day celebration last nearly a week. I am still enjoying your Hawaii pictures, too!

    Thank you, Q – I always adore a book recommendation and this one sounds particularly alluring – we are very “into” scent around here, especially in terms of scents that immediately make us feel good (lavender, rosemary, and in terms of cooking: garlic, vanilla, spice mixes. Will definitely jump on Lacy’s book!

    SC … of course now I wonder what picture or poster was a pop favorite of yours in your student days? and thank you for the b’day wishes.

    Laylou – you tossed yours? Me, too. It took me ages to give it up, with its shredded edges and wrinkles. Funny, if I hung a PIcasso now, it would likely be something he did of Jacqueline. I am, however, more interested in vlining and local artists, I guess. You can tell by the cacophony on our walls!

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