Blue … (we heart themes)

April 6, 2009 § 10 Comments


(photo of a fallow cornfield taken sunday, apr5, in labadie, missouri )

If you squint while looking at this photo, you might get an “I’m-in-Provence” moment.
This week’s “theme” will be blue, a color my camera and I adore. Now, if we can just get a little teamwork going…I took it with me to work today and snapped… O pictures! (note to self: you have to go out at lunch, that is, leave the office, if you want to find some “blue” topics.)

Book Selection…
This should be easy, but I find that the only books I can think of with “blue” in the title are indeed books that are in my TBR stack. Therefore I cannot expound on them at all unless I cheat and go to Wikipedia for summaries, but ethics rule among readers, so “no” to doing that.

Oh, and no, I”m not going to read BLUE’S CLUES although I give it major “props” for catching the little ones’ interest lo these many years.
The two I can think of: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott. Has anyone read either of them? What do you think?  Your answer may alter their position in my TBR stack which currently resembles the game Jenga, that is, the stack is rather tipsy which means you can’t vacuum too closely to it or it will tumble. All I can tell you without getting down on the floor next to our bed to read every title is that The House on Cisneros Street is on top.  I really should investigate what else is there…


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§ 10 Responses to Blue … (we heart themes)

  • shoreacres says:

    What a wonderful photo. The land looks chenille-like, sheared but so texture-y. It’s a beautiful contrast to the smooth sky and clouds.

    If you’ve never read Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon, it deserves a place in any TBR pile. (And look at me – I finally figured out all by myself that TBR means “to be read”! And jeanies ATCs are artist trading cards. This is all new to me. I need a decoder ring!)

  • oh says:

    Linda- you have made me laugh with the decoder ring! And you know what? Blue Highways is somewhere here in the house – HM was reading it. I shall snap it up though reading it will take some time. more later…

  • ds says:

    Such a beautiful, wide open sky–love it! At least you can vacuum in the proximity of your TBR pile (and it’s a pile–mine is more of a spread, on the order of “The Blob”). Yes, read The Bluest Eye, it is Morrison’s first, I think, and is so heart-wrenching, yet beautiful…Other “blues” I’ve read are Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Blue Flower (historical, involving a German Romantic poet & his love for an unsophisticated young lady; not for everyone), and if it’s not stretching your theme too much, Margaret Atwood’s short story collection, Bluebeard’s Egg. Marvelous, all the way through. And I second Linda’s choice of Blue Highways…

  • Gorgeous photo! I cannot, for the life of me think of a single ‘blue’ novel. Only paintings spring to mind, Jackson Pollock ‘Blue Poles’, Monet’s ‘Blue Period’ and Matisse ‘The Blue Room’ just some. I am enjoying you colour themes.

  • The Bluest Eye is amazing, but depressing. I love everything I’ve read by Anne Lamott, but I don’t know that one.

    I want to read The House on Cisneros Street.

    That photograph is simply astonishing.

  • laylou says:

    did you take that picture? i haven’t read a single book you mention. that’s rather sad =(

  • anne says:

    that pic is unreal- love love love. and yes, very french like.

  • Wonderful big sky in your photo.

  • Another Blue themed novel is The Blue House by Megan Delahunt, its about Frida Kahlo.

    I would also recommend Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Blue Flower

  • oh says:

    DS – both you and Crafty GP have mentioned P Fitzgerald’s book which means I must have a look. Hope it’s in the library. And, Bluebeard’s Egg? How have I not heard of it? Jotting these down…

    Hi, Scarlet – glad you like the color theme and you know your artists – unaware of Pollock’s that you mention, i’ve just checked it out online. “He” was here in STL – they did a lovely special exhibition on him a few months ago which included some bits of home movies showing him painting. awesome.

    Thanks, Jen. It’s nice to have books in the “stack” to look forward to, isn’t it? Especailly the occasoinal prize winner, like Cisneros St.

    Thank you, Anne and Laylou – yup, I took the picture and played with the exposure.
    And it really is a cornfield in Labidie.

    CGP – was very glad for the recommendation of the Frida book. I saw a movie about her (what’s the name?) quite “by mistake” last year and have been intrigued by her art and her life since. She and Rivera certainly got around in the art world.

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