blue moon, you saw me standing …

April 10, 2009 § 6 Comments

(photo taken in Ybor City where “old” is the new black and things wake up after 9 pm)
Old buildings suddenly wake up, yawn open their doors, pump out loud loud music and have young men all dressed in black and wearing pervasive colognes standing in front of velvet ropes to admit the party-ers.  Honestly, by day, you would think some of the buildings were condemned and lonely, and then lighting and lack of lighting come and do their magic and people slouch through the streets and in and out of doorways and it’s nicely riotous and dynamic. Shops, pubs and eateries, including a wonderful creperie, are open late to accommodate the alcohol bellies that need breaded carbs to soak up all the slosh they’ve imbibed.  Night club hawkers stand on corners, passing out club cards offering free drinks and discounts. Cars roll up and down the open streets. The soft weather has so much to do with the energy of the place.



 Book selection …

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.  Too trite? It’s the second one in what is popularly referred to as the “Twilight” series.  Maybe the weakest. A page turner nonetheless. Or, is it? I have not yet read the third and fourth book when indeed, any of the Meyer readers keep going because the question is: does Bella ‘turn?’
In explanation: Meyer’s books present the new “it” couple, the new book couple that will show up on game shows and trivia nights henceforth: Edward Cullen and Bella … Bella… I forgot. Anyway, they’re both in high school in the foggy northwest. Bella’s parents are divorced and she’s gone to live with her dad in Forks. Bella and Edward end up as lab partners in bio; he seems to hate her; she seems to care that he hates her; he saves her from being squished in an accident and so on and so on, ’til, just like in any love story, she finds he is a vampire. Well.  Where can this story go? It takes four books to work it out. You decide. Or just dial up a friend who reads YA and see what happens. There is a movie, ya know, of the first book. Starring Cedric Diggory (I don’t recall his real name) from Harry Potter. I suspect this young actor will someday get out of fantasy and into drama. Or, not.twilight


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§ 6 Responses to blue moon, you saw me standing …

  • Beatriz says:

    I read the Twilight series recently, not something I expected to like, but indeed I did! I enjoyed feeling like a teenager again, all giddy and wanting something with so much passion! Yet, I am so happy that I am done with the books! Now I am reading Middlesex, and liking it much more. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  • I’m not sure what I think. I loved first one, the second one I finished a bit slower and the third I am still going. They are, as pulp, page-turning fiction, very good. Not 1st class lit, but I don’t think she intended them to be. There are things about the story that bug me though. Bella isn’t strongest female character around, in fact she seems to spend half the story being looked after by one boy or another. But, all said, I am hooked.

  • Carrie says:

    #2 is definitely the weakest… but if you are a fast reader, i think it would be nice to finish the series… Chalk it up to pushing through a t.v. mini-series on Lifetime. 🙂 Oh, and the movie… it’s really bad, but that cedric diggory — he’s so dreamy. 🙂

  • anno says:

    I love this picture; looks like a book cover to me, definitely the kind of place to go after a long day on a hot beach.

    Haven’t been able to get to any of the Twilight series. Not sure if my daughter would let me. She got about halfway through the first book and stopped when she had logged five pages of the superlatives used to describe Edward. Then she read them to me out loud with, um, dramatic flair, accompanied by puking/wretching sound effects. Maybe after she graduates, I’ll be able to read them without accusations of betrayal.

  • anne says:

    Ok that’s it, I have realized I must be one of the last holdouts on this series. I’m going in….

  • jeanie says:

    Lovely! Rick’s guitar teacher (he does classical) recently turned the tables and had him learn two contemporary pieces — and one was Blue Moon. Such a pretty arrangement. (Also my favorite beer!) We had a lovely dinner at a Mexican place in Ybor City (Tampa, right?) in January. Wish we’d gone down earlier — it was pretty cool.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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