Chair-ish … (and the color blue rocks on)

April 13, 2009 § 10 Comments


(ok, fine the photo was taken last September – was that a million years ago? – but still, blue by the seaside sticks.)

Pull up a chair. One of those chairs that the beach guy sets up for you, then lines it with towels, unfurls the canopy and steps back while you “enter” chairworld. It’s beyond something to sit on.  The chair becomes your world, your view of the water, your little sanctuary on the beach. It blocks the wind, precludes people staring as you appy lotion or wear silly glasses or yank at your bathing suit.  Chairworld is a nice place to be. But you gotta have a book. Careful if you’re gonna snack on something, though. See those gulls advancing up the beach?

SEA GLASS by Anita Shreve.
Is that a yawn inspired by seeing Shreve’s name? Well then, you haven’t read beyond the PILOT’S WIFE. 
Or, maybe you have and you just aren’t a Shreve fan.
It happens that she has spun a few books I really like.
Admittedly, they resemble chick-lit-meets-Wharton.  And this novel takes place in my beloved northeast where it intertwines several people’s lives including a salesman and his wife, a labor union mediator, an orphan, and a rich widow. Silly? Corny? Maybe a bit of the latter, but I liked it. A good beach read.


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§ 10 Responses to Chair-ish … (and the color blue rocks on)

  • laylou says:

    can we go there (to the beach), now?
    And Sea Glass was a surprisingly delightful book.

  • Erin says:

    Great photo! Love the blue. And I totally agree with you about Anita Shreve. She is a good beach read–I particularly like Sea Glass.

  • anno says:

    Eye-catching composition! Wish I could be there now. And me, too: I go on periodic Anita Shreve binges as well.

  • jeanie says:

    Blue chairs, beach… reminds me of Myrtle Beach and how I’d love to be there this very moment! But I don’t know Anita Shreve. A new one for the summer list!

  • Care says:

    I love the photo!
    and I will read Sea Glass some day – in fact, I just wrote that in another comment just now, coincidence?

  • oh says:

    Laylou – do you have my copy of Sea Glass? And yes, we can go to the beach – let’s look at a calendar.

    Erin – yay! someone else likes Shreve!(I’m never sure if books I mention are just too “pop”, as in mainstream.)

    Anno! you,too! I think I have one more of hers, a slim little novel, upstairs, waiting for the summer to be read.

    Jeanie – Myrtle Beach, a favorite. It’s been years since we’ve been there but a wonderful spot indeed.

    Care – it’s one of those cool little coincidences, your mention of Sea Glass in another comment. I wonder if it’s out there in several or dozens of others comments, like, it’s in the air?

  • I heart this picture so much. Thanks for posting it. I am there in my mind right now.

  • Beatriz says:

    great picture, where is it from? I miss California beaches so much… in Italy beaches are crowded (on the mediterranean) full of pebbles and no waves… yet they are gorgeous in the cooler months. Italians do not usually read at the beach, it is considered antisocial! They just chat with everyone around them (really, there is no avoiding your neighbor, as he or she is sitting right next to you!)

  • oh says:

    Hi, Scobberlotcher! thanks for stopping by…oh yeah, to be at the shore …!

    Beatriz – this picture is taken on the Gulf-side shore of Florida, not far from Bradenton. Oh, but the Italian beaches sound like such fun!

  • I love that photo, the blue is wonderful. I’m thinking of reading more Anita Shreve. I tend to have bookshelves stuffed full of obscure and experimental books and sometimes, something lighter is what you need, and Ms Shreve can write pretty well

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