Pitcher this …

April 16, 2009 § 8 Comments

As usual, a bajillion things remained to be done. And I had purposely planned the dinner for 2:30 so that we had time to walk off the feast, or do something else for the rest of the day. That pushed prepping the house for guests to a much earlier hour.

And then, in the midst of mopping and polishing, I decided to rearrange the counterscape next to the stovetop. One of those absolutely unnecessary activities.  I rearranged the blue KitchenAid mixer, green cutting board, blue andwhite pitcher.

Take my picture, the pitcher said. You know I’m a favorite objet. Come on, take my picture.
So I did. I took eight of them. 
You never know when you might need such a photo. 

Book Selection …

THE NEW MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOK by Mollie Katzen.  I cannot remember who introduced us, this book and I, but I loved it, purchased it when we were expecting our son (though I didn’t know that yet).

I bought it and read it. It is the only cookbook I have ever read. No photos; only illustrations. In fact, it looks handwritten which is surprising that having gone through my “back to nature” era in the late ’60s and ’70s, now in the ’80s I was looking at the “all natural” genre rather than ’80s gloss and flash.

And then I came to page 164 – Spanokopita. There is a phonetic spelling underneath that title in the cookbook yet to this day, I don’t know if I pronounce it correctly.  

Fortunately, I made the spinach pie (colloquial) several times to HMs acclaim before I loaned the book to a neighbor who was throwing a party at the clubhouse. I never saw the book again. My first reaction was panic. How would I make this ever again? (No internet, no Google yet…ah, the ’80s!)

But it’s not that difficult. It just requires patience in layering the philo and buttering each layer as you go. Yes, it has to be butter. I cannot imagine the havoc you might wreak by using margarine. 

I recalled the entire recipe though hesitated on the baking temperature but there aren’t that many to choose from, right? Just increments of 25 degrees (sorry, don’t mean to make real cooks shudder. So it all worked out and never wrote the recipe down after “reclaiming” it through doing it.  

I have made the Spanokopita many many times over the past 20 years .  I do not rue loaning it to that neighbor, either. I suspect she used and enjoyed it; she was very social and a wonderful cook. 

Or maybe the book made it to a garage sale. Or was traded to someone else who asked to borrow it.  I suspect it’s making the rounds  out there.  Something it is happy to do. It doesn’t matter. It did, long ago for us, accomplish one good thing.


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§ 8 Responses to Pitcher this …

  • jeanie says:

    I’m so loving your blue period! The pitcher is wonderful!

    Moosewood — I have never owned it, yet I’ve cooked a zillion recipes from it, collected from friends who have brought fabulous dishes to pot lucks. I’m glad to hear spanikopita isn’t hard — I’ve always wanted to try it and never had the nerve!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend! It’s set to be sunny here, and that certainly puts a smile on this one’s face!

  • qugrainne says:

    You are so funny! A bajillion things to do and you dive into interior decorating – goofy! I’m sure dinner was delightful anyway.
    I haven’t thought about the Moosewood cookbook in many, many years. It was once part of my collection, but I don’t think I ever cooked anything from it. Strange – right? Oh well. It is long gone now, to who knows where….
    Pitcher looks beautiful!

  • anno says:

    So pretty! Pretty as a …

    I haven’t cooked from the Moosewood Cookbooks in a long, long time, but I have fond memories of a great beer cheese sauce I used to make from it and serve with nachos. Also a dinner of grilled marinated vegetables we all loved back then. And of course, the spanokopita.

  • ds says:

    Never made the spanikopita (clearly my loss), but did make several of her soups & things. It’s been a long while.

    Pitcher is beautiful.

  • Linda says:

    Your lovely pitcher would fit perfectly in my kitchen! And I love spanikopita. You have some beautiful photos. Thanks for visiting my site … though I’m curious how you happened upon it.

  • shoreacres says:

    Back home, and trying to catch up on everything from work to blogs. You know there’s a Moosewood Desserts cookbook? It’s equally wonderful, with the same drawings – and I’ve read it though myself. In fact, I’ve read it more than I’ve used it.

  • oh says:

    What? I never replied to any of your comments? Sheesh, well thank you all and I will be visiting you as well.

  • Lisa says:

    I think the Moosewood Cookbook was one of the first recipe books I ever owned and I think I used to want to be Mollie Katzen. Got over that pretty swiftly, but I have used the book consistently for years and years. If you ever find another copy (it’s still in print) go STRAIGHT to the chocolate brownie recipe… you will not regret it…

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