April 24, 2009 § 11 Comments

A package going UPS should be well wrapped. Anything weighing up to 140 pounds will “experience” a conveyor belt and A FOUR FOOT DROP! Wrap it up well.

In one day I can do a good deal of cleaning and little writing OR a good deal of writing and little cleaning. You may well guess which I  prefer.

Bathing a dog can make him very happy. As well as clean, of course. He skips around, seemingly without reason.

Though it’s sometimes “easier” to respond to comments at one’s own blog location, I find it better to visit the “commentors” and leave a message at their site. That better assures they receive it. 

Einstein said (and I paraphrase):  “The only variable  affecting a  person’ s reaction  to an event is his or her proximity to the event.”   Mmmm.  Think about it.

A very dear friend finished a half-marathon in three hours last weekend. I finished a book in two hours the other night. We all have our thrills and addicitons.

I haven’t been clothes shopping in a couple of months.

The windows are open and a breeze is blowing in. The curtains lift. The room has dimension. There is pollen all over the coffee table.

HM went to a new restaurant with me tonight. He had a pot pie. It was gorgeous (and also, delicious!) I didn’t have my camera. Would I have whipped it out right there in the restaurant? Oh, sure.

The beagle snores.


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§ 11 Responses to Miscellani

  • shoreacres says:

    “Einstein said (and I paraphrase): “The only variable affecting a person’ s reaction to an event is his or her proximity to the event.”

    Oh, my goodness. Bingo. There it is. Off to think some more, but this is Einstein for the historians and critics, just as accessible as can be.

    It reminds me of his famous explanation of relativity, also paraphrased: “Which is longer, a minute spent kissing a pretty woman, or a minute sitting on a hot stove?”

  • qugrainne says:

    Lucky you. My pup QUIVERS when she hears the tub water running. She would rather stink like a dog!

    And since it is Einstein day, I will add my own:

    “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

    Cheers 🙂

  • anno says:

    1) I hope that package survived the drop.
    2) I hope you have a weekend filled with much writing. If you must clean, let it be laundry.
    3) My dog needs a bath, but he is so hygiene-averse that he cries at the prospect.
    4) I agree. But must also confess to dropping the ball too often on commenting conversations.
    5) Perfect quote! And very true.
    6) And you’re not going to tell us about the book? The one I’m reading right now, The Full Catastrophe, is set in St. Louis, of all the unlikely places. And it features that most unlikely of protagonists: a linguist.
    7) Around here, it’s been years. My style is definitely vintage.
    8) Mmmmm… pollen dust. Even that sign of spring is welcome around here — especially if it means that the windows are open.
    9) I think you need to tell us more about this. I really do.
    10) Sounds like the beagle has the right idea about how to spend a weekend.

    Hope you’re enjoying every moment of yours!

  • shoreacres says:

    qugrainne ~

    WHOO-HOO!!! Your Einstein trumps my Einstein by a mile! Thanks!

  • ds says:

    Congratulations on the finished book (presume that was the package & you wrapped it well & it arrived at its destination unscathed?)
    Frankly, a wet dog sounds like a great way to “clean” house.
    I don’t have an Einstein quote–am I still allowed to comment?
    Skip away!

  • Snarl says:

    A.D.D. blogging?

  • Care says:

    My dog LOVES the blow dry after a bath… and after a rainstorm, too.

  • Becca says:

    We did the dog bathing routine at our house today – long overdue, I might add. Of course, their preferred scent is eau de roadkill, while mine is the nice coconut fragrance of their shampoo/conditioner. Today, I win 🙂

    Alas, clothes shopping is no longer the pleasure it once was. I tried on about a dozen outfits this afternoon and came away with a white t-shirt.

  • laylou says:

    We should find you a mini camera that you can slip into your bag so you always have one with you! =)

  • jeanie says:

    What in the world did you UPS that weighed 140 pounds? Hope it survived the drop!

    This is a fun post — and I’ll add a piece of fun miscellany to it — you’re the winner of my Cleveland present! I don’t even need to ask for your address!

    Congratulations! And I’m glad you’re getting some time to blog again!

  • oh says:

    Yipes, I missed replying here to all these lovely comments. thank you, each, for your humor and kindness here. And Snarl, you are always my ‘media’ watchdog! I didn’t send anything that heavy via UPS but yes, I requested several reports be sent to one of our clients and thus discovered UPS’s little rule – I mean, a 4 foot drop is a lot. Yeah, they can pack stuff for me. And yes, I AM keeping a camera in my bag now!

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