mystery writers dish during breakfast

April 25, 2009 § 8 Comments

A friend mentioned a Mystery Writers Breakfast at one of the city libraries. It sounded like a great idea. I didn’t care about the breakfast part. I’ve attended saturday morning events where there is “breakfast.” The coffee is in cannisters or boxes. Styrofoam cups. Sweetner, no sugar. Oranges , bananas, and cold smooth bagels. This one had all of the above and pastries .

The room was full of writers, from wannabes to beginners to those with serious works-in-progress.
Four published and profiled writers   Joanna Campbell Slan, Angie Fox, Julie Earheart and one other were present. Eileen Dryer wasn’t able to attend as planned.  These writers were the event highlight; they “spoke” at each table and after 25 minutes, like those speed luncheon dates (not that I would know), moved to the next table. We all talked, asked questions, got answers and quite a variety of them, and got a glimpse of their lives as writers, something we always are willing to hear like Tweeners who follow the adventures of Edward and Bella. (BTW, the aforementioned Angie Fox writes vampire, demon slayer mysteries, with humor – I will review her in another blog.)

We wanted to know: Did they have agents? were they finishing a mystery series? why did they write under several different names? how was the genre changing? etc etc.  Nope, it wasn’t trite. It was a lovely encounter (free, too) and again, it was that community of writers that generates energy so that  you go home and … write.

A local independent bookstore sold their books at one table.  I had to buy one. Then two. Then I had to get them autographed.

I have pictures only of Joanna; then my camera battery died. (These tech toys are so high maintenance. They should squawk when running out of power. They should get up and walk over to the outlet and plug themselves in until they are recharged. ) Here’s Joanna and her book. 

I should review her book here for you: PAPER SCISSORS DEATH. Her character is Kiki Lowenstein, the scrapbooking queen of St. Louis.  Her husband has just died, naked, in a Ritz hotel room. She believes it’s murder.

I’ve only just started  reading. though I can tell you it is not really my thing.  But the author is local, the heroine is local, the references are local. 

Scrapbooking might be a stretch for a crime solver. I dunno.  Joanna is, in  real life, a scrapbook artist, has written a few books on it, and has now, successfully, fallen into the novel world, bringing her scrapbooking with her. There are “scrapping” tips at the end of some chapters. 

And so Joanna has bridged the world of scrapping and storytelling which should win her quite a following. I will hold on to my autographed copy of her first book (pictured) but may get the next one at the library … if I need some scrapping tips.


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§ 8 Responses to mystery writers dish during breakfast

  • shoreacres says:

    I don’t personally know anyone who scrapbooks, and really don’t know anything about it except that it’s “hot”, so I just spent 10 minutes breezing through about 30 scrapping blogs. I can’t quite identify my feeling, but it’s the same one I get when I finally remember to log on to Facebook and realize I have nothing to say.

    What I have to know is this – does the author “scrap” her husband’s death? You know, cute little pics of the crime scene or autopsy cut out with pinking shears, framed with buttons and lace and with cute sayings underneath? (“He would have hated being found face down. It never was his best side…”) Now, that’s a book I might – might -consider pulling from a shelf!

    • oh says:

      Too funny! I have NO idea how the scrapping will fit in with solving the “situation” in this one.

      I completely understand your scrapping-akin-to-Facebook thing.

      Yet I haunt art stores, archiving shops and (the latest) “ephemera” boutiques for … paper. I am a paper nut – handmade, crafted, textured, patterned – whatever! I am always trying to create little books (yes, I use old grocery store paper bags). Not the giant scrapbooks – too much time and money in those and then who looks at them? I dunno. But there’s something about tying one’s photos to maybe a few written lines and arranging them on something that continues to egg me on.

      Anyway, I promise to review the aforementioned book when I finish it and let you know.

  • laylou says:

    Hmmm… I’m intrigued by the book. Creative title, I suppose. Interesting concept but I’m not sure I understand how the two intertwine. Good luck reading it 🙂

  • ds says:

    Hmm…sounds like the scrapbooking equivalent of the novel-cum-quilting advice books that have been cropping (sorry!) up lately. Like you, I love paper; unlike you, I can’t do a dang thing with it. Ah, well.

    • oh says:

      I guess that’s the “thing” now, right? There’s the spate of knitting books, book club books, and etceteras…so, let’s see how this one works…

  • jeanie says:

    Interesting. I think I would find a scrapbooking detective somewhat intriguing. Although, having said that, I picked up a series of mysteries with knitters and decided that I loved the stuff about the knitting but not the mystery so much. And I love mysteries! (This is NOT Knit Two.)

    But I love the idea of the speed dating but with authors — how nice to have time to ask and get answers to questions and get to know them a bit. I love mysteries, but I sure wish I could figure out a plot!

    • oh says:

      One of the mystery series I actually do follow has a midwife as the quasi-detective. (She is friends with an Irish cop in turn of the century NYC.) This one, though? I dunno.

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