May 10, 2009 § 12 Comments


Sweep the front porch.
Get comfortable on wicker couch and read. The sunlight is sweet.
Sweep front sidewalks.
Get distracted, wander around grounds with camera.
Take pictures.
Get dressed for family arrival and dinner.
Straighten up library room.
Play piano.
Help out in kitchen, a little bit.
Leave kitchen to straighten up living room and fan out magazines on coffee table.
Move car to make room in driveway for arrivals.
Open car windows, play loud fav music, clean car (and find cool stuff – $$$, a jacket, shoes, a book!) 


and, like that…’til MD events begin.


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§ 12 Responses to H.M.D.!

  • Jose Luis says:

    I’m disseminating a nice interview with Natalie Goldberg..I thought it could be interesting for you…; )

    warm greetings

  • jeanie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! Especially the “Read” part! Happy belated Mother’s Day (and loved the flowers!)

    • oh says:

      Jeanie, and then everyone arrived, and it got “busy” and noisy, just the way this Mom loves it. Nice to have a day where you can work in so many of the people and “things” that you love, you know?

  • Becca says:

    Went out early for breakfast…
    Went to church to hear fabulous men’s choir sing for service…
    Took presents to Mom…
    Got hubby to help me prepare a new flower garden…
    Went for walk with the doggies…
    Had dinner in front of the tv watching The Duchess…
    Talked to my son on the phone for 2 hours (best part of the day!)

    • oh says:

      Oh, Becca, You had a lovely day, too and what a great start, to hear that choir!

      (PS I sat down and played the piano after mowing the lawn the other day – it was the first time in months and months and it felt good … pretty darn rusty, but just nice to be playing.)

  • laylou says:

    how about some photos of your new plants and presents? =)

    • oh says:

      Laylou… hmmmmm, really? Not too boring? It might capture the day, somehow, though. And by the way, you are the world’s best baker! Where did you get that from?

  • qugrainne says:

    Slightly belated, but Happy Mother’s Day, Oh!!
    I spent the day with my mom and my kids – couldn’t have been sweeter. Got a gift certificate from the salon/spa!! And now the sun is shining.
    glad you had a good day, too

  • Arti says:

    Thanks oh…

    What great motivation to plant a garden, or clean the garage. Ha, but they’ll have to wait, for I’m in Vancouver, soaking in the springtime beauty, and sniffing my way through allergies.

  • oh says:

    Hi, Q! Kids, sun, spa. Excellent combo package. And Mother’s Day comes at such a nice time of year!

    Arti – Vancouver – what a gorgeous place, at least in all the pictures and from all reports – one of these days I hope husband and I do a road trip.

    So glad you have Spring and so sorry you have allergies (too1) We are sneezing our heads off here, also. But it’s hard to resist going outdoors. Vancouver – what a beautiful place (I hear).

    • Arti says:

      oh: Aside from hearing the reputation, you can also see its beauty… I’ve two posts up with some Vancouver pics which might just lure you on a road trip!

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