it was only a kiss … (from Mr. Brightside)

May 13, 2009 § 22 Comments

I fell in love with a singing group a while back. I dont’ know them, don’t know what they look like. I couldn’t pick them out of a crowd if they were standing there 10 feet away. But when I hear them, I know them immediately. They are  The Killers.  A harsh name, maybe but we’ve all become rather immune to group names.  As tasteless or thoughtless or crass at they might seem, they”got name.”
Death Cab for Cutie.  Rancid.  Anti-flag.  Nine Inch Nails.   The Dead Kennedys.   Hoobastank.  Jimmy Eat World.  Finger Eleven.  Def Leppard.  Sex Pistols.
You can’t dis ’em for their names.

The Killers got me, stopped me in my tracks with their song Mr. Brightside. I don’t know why. I was driving down a country road first time I heard ’em. I couldn’t tell you the words, not all of them.I mean, I hear their words, I follow their stories. But overall,  I respond to the music, the notes, the harmony, the counterpoint, the rhythm.
Yes, I sing in my car, listening to stuff I like. And half the time I fake the words.  I go for the notes. 

Laylou’s boyfriend burned their first CD for me. And then they gave me the new Killers CD (Day and Age) in March.
It has become my morning go-to-work anthem- yup, the entire CD. 
I do not tire of it.
Be glad, be very very glad you do not have to ride with me anywhere.

On their new CD, DAY AND AGE, there’s a song (what’s the name of it? I dunno for sure) but  I sing along every time and yes! I’m learning the words. Because for some reason they make some sense to me. It’s the line “Are we human or are we dancer?” 
I think I get it. And I like what I get from it.
 And I like the “what if’s” it puts in mind.

Last week, Laylou and Irish went to a Killers concert.
I didn’t even know the band was in town. (What kind of fan am I?)
Maybe you could get me a sticker? I asked Laylou.
Sure, she said.
The next day: Were theyselling stickers or decals? Were you able to get one for me?
Nope, she said. They had nothing. Only really expensive tee shirts. And we weren’t planning to get tee shirts.
Oh, I said. Did you get any “merch” at all? (I learned “merch” last year when Emily (my BFF’s daughter) and her band stayed at our house on their USA tour. )
No, Mom. (impatient tone.) It was too crowded and too expensive and we didn’t get anything.
OK, no, that’s ok, I said. I mean, I have two of their CDs.

Mother’s Day.
Scene: kitchen.
Mood: hilarity
Action: cooking and talking, me, the kids, HM and my Mom.
There was a brown bag on the table.
It’s for you, Laylou said.
I opened it and did the proverbial sudden intake of breath.
A tee shirt. A Killers tee shirt.


I know – music can be intensely personal. It’s surprising what we all like and don’t like. Actually, I love pretty much all music though I have a lot to learn in terms of embracing Country. I’m sure if I had to shovel out a stall or run a barrel race, Country would totally work for me. 

In the meantime, right now, it’s  The Killers, a band from I don’t know where. I know they’re pop rock. Snarl tells me they’re “commercial.” Well, fine.
They take me places  I can’t get to on my own in the morning on my commute. They make for a cool ride.

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§ 22 Responses to it was only a kiss … (from Mr. Brightside)

  • ds says:

    Cool!!! Way cool, in fact. Daughter gets extra points for the surprise factor. People are very glad they don’t have to ride with me anymore, too (can’t hit the notes, mostly miss the words, but am loud. Very loud.). College Student slips a couple of CDs into the car for every “commute.” “It’s okay, Mom, you like these.” True. But I always forget…So I, like, totally related to this, um, great post. And the line? It rocks. So do you.

    • oh says:

      Dear ds, Isn’t it great to have the kids around so they keep us ‘in touch’ with music, and so many things? Funny to think how many of us are driving down the road singing at the top of our lungs -wonderful!

  • anno says:

    This is a great story! And now, I’m off to find this group… on this gray day, it sounds like just the antidote I need!

    • oh says:

      oh boy – I hope you like them, A! Sometimes, you know, music is like perfume – kinda personal. Some will say ‘wow, it’s great’ while others will wrinkle their noses. Ah, well, I’d bet you’ll like something on the CD if not several pieces. (fingers crossed)

  • jeanie says:

    Well, I don’t know this group at all, so sometime soon when I give myself permission to sneak a little bit more than the occasional blog during the work day, I’m off to find the killers, too! I love singing in the car (Broadway show tunes and ABBA — don’t ask; it’s a guilty pleasure — maybe the harmony, because the words aren’t exactly art). It makes the trip so much faster and much more fun. I used to sing well; I don’t anymore, but I still let it rip!

    • oh says:

      You’re right, Jeanie – B’way and ABBA are also great!!!!! It’s time for me to get that one out again. Do you find that certain music is for certain seasons, too? Anyway, should you come across the Killers, just give ’em a chance. (Snarl is sitting here, knows I am writing this and shaking his head, like, ugh, that group is pathetic.)

  • laylou says:

    Hooray for bonus points for surprising you =)

    Glad you like the shirt and the CD.


  • qugrainne says:

    You are so funny! And what a great surprise! You rock, laylou.

  • Bellezza says:

    Okay, I’m off to iTunes to buy it. On your word alone. 😉

  • Charity says:

    How cool. I love The Killers.

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Charity – and they are great, aren’t they? I forgot to mention the lead’s (mr. flowers?) voice – really really good singing voice, not traditional good, just…compelling

  • seachanges says:

    I have no idea who the Killers are, but I do love the t-shirt! I’ll search iTunes, perhaps they’ll let me listen before buying? O what the heck, I’ll just buy a song and then let you know…

    • oh says:

      I have to master that iTune thing. In fact, I have to figure out how to recharge my mp3 player. Yikes, you’re way ahead of me.

  • Bellezza says:

    I did, in fact, buy it. I’ve listened to it while clealning the bathroom, perhaps not the intent you had in mind while writing this post?, but it’s fun to hear what other’s suggest. You have opened my ears to a new group.

    • oh says:

      Dear B, OK, good, so far, so good. Sure they’re good for cleaning or walking or sitting there trying to think of a transitional phrase while working on a piece…rock on!

  • Carrie says:

    was at the grocery store, this piped through the speakers. I danced a bit in the aisle and thought of you!

    • oh says:

      Good for you, C, dancing in the store! there should definitely be more of that. sometimes, I bop, but dancing? excellent and bravo!

  • anne says:

    Best. Post. Ever. And not just because I love The Killers. Best post.. because even if I had never heard of them I would be on right now sampling a MP3 just because of your enthusiasm.

    I have realized they are one of those bands that people love to hate. Similar to Coldplay… I will never get that. Is the music good? Do you repeat the same track 6 times on the way home from work? Do you fumble over the words desperately trying to get them right so you can sing at the top of your lungs? Do they give you goosebumps? Isn’t that all that really matters?

    I have been in “collection” mode with music the last few weeks, trying to expand my horizons and find those hidden gems. And along came “The Doves”…. may I just suggest their album “Kingdom of Rust”- you won’t be disappointed.

    That t-shirt is awesome.

    “I got soul but I’m not a soldier”

    • oh says:

      Thank you, Anne, for the comments AND the Doves recommendation. I am jumping on it this evening. And I agree – what the heck if a group is mainstream – one of the great things about music anymore is that it’s accessible to so many and that there are so many choices to listen to. But there are “those” we return to again and again.

      And you brought up another of my fave lines because of “soul” and “soldier.” So simple. So straight up.

      We would be good at choosing music for a road trip, non?

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