Extreme Daily Sports

May 19, 2009 § 5 Comments

OK, I am not the multi-tasker I might have heretofore considered myself! Phew! 
AND…the merry month of May is living up to its name.
It has also set the “special day” stakes high and we are romping along to keep up with birthdays, family celebrations and the ins and outs of out-of-state family and friends visiting from places we once lived. 

The drama always builds beginning with Mother’s Day.
From there we bump right up against two  birthdays in a row.
Then breathe.
Then go for another.
It’s all timed and wedged right up against graduation season so that our shopping and running around coincides with the rest of the County doing the same but for other reasons.
And then there’s trying to get people together for said celebrations while they are also making it to grads and family functions.

Then we breathe again.
This year, fortunately, blessedly, we had family staying at the house, that is, my brother and his wife  arrived to celebrate b’days with us!

I snapped pictures but have downloaded none.
I shopped and shopped yet the fridge continually emptied.
I  did laundry on the burst but will likely tell you I have nothing to wear. (I did buy a jacket about 8 days ago but got it home and to my horror, found it to be an outright ‘ugh’  so back it goes.) And I saw that HM washed out his own socks this a.m. He doesn’t realize there are pairs and pairs of them in the laundry room, impatient, unfolded, waiting.

We laughed and later, after  the errands and dinners and reminisces and itineraries, we fought to stay awake and watch Letterman’s Top 10, a little of our usual routine.   And then someone would tell a story, want a snack, suggest a game and we all get our second wind.
It is a blessing, all the activity.

And then everyone went home (sigh) or back to their own places.

Now the house echoes a little.
I turn on loud music.

The Holiday weekend approaches.
We think about sleeping in.


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§ 5 Responses to Extreme Daily Sports

  • anno says:

    Sounds like you’ve been multi-tasking in fine form. Now it’s time for a rest — wishing you a peaceful holiday weekend!

  • ds says:

    Have you joined my extended family without my knowing about it? The week of Mother’s Day includes 5 birthdays w/2 sets of 2 on the same day! The head is still spinning…Enjoy your restful holiday!!!

  • jeanie says:

    It sounds busy, crazy, glorious, fun, wild and divine! (So does a good rest!) Really does sound like the best — I’m delighted for you!

  • That’s my June – D’s b’day, our anniversary, father’s day and all the end-of-school jive.

    May was another move for my Mom and a lovely Mother’s Day, but I’m ready to be on the other side of Father’s Day.

    Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

  • oh says:

    Yay! Holiday! Have a long and lovely weekend, All! I am so looking forward to doing some writing.

    THanks, Anno – yeah, I have to say that even if it rains this weekend, it’s all good. Maybe a little fire in the fireplace and a nice fat book to read!!!

    DS – LOL! hey, I would be delighted to be part of your extended family – funny how family events run in bunches, though, isn’t it?

    Jeanie – thanks! and what special events and treasures (and meals) are you cooking up for the long weekend?

    Jen – so glad to hear from you. You’re right, June is pretty much a mover and shaker, too. (sigh). You, too – have an excellent weekend!

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