thurs nite …

May 21, 2009 § 3 Comments

People are on the move for the long holiday weekend already.
You can feel it.

It’s like being sprung free. Three days off in a row. Time to get re-acquainted with the front porch, the backyard garden, the side of the house where there’s a little walkway through the trees.

The birds are frantic with Spring. They are eating  100 x their weight ( I made that up, but they are eating a  lot!) The pool is open and the water is clear.  The perennials are blooming.

No, we’re not going far. We’re going to wander through the grass and keep an eye out for the deer (deer love suburbia with all its purposely planted flowers and we don’t care – we just plant what they don’t like) and I am going to  play rock n’ roll music on the patio. And we’re not going to blast the air with the sound of our mower – Snarl already did the mowing for us!

And, I look forward to writing. See ya’ round the neighborhood!


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