editing my outfits …

June 3, 2009 § 7 Comments

I began with a single fashion faux pas and morphed into a second one. First, I was feeling jaunty and not as hot as usual because I had ditched sporting any jacket or blazer type thing and wore a very cool knit top and slacks, along with patent leather pumps for  a little pizzazz. I felt fine ’til I headed to Nordstrom at lunch to return some capris. While there, I glimpsed myself in the mirror. I was aghast. My nifty top was not-so-nifty. Its sleeves were shorter than I realized and my arms looked well, like, well, BIG. Big and bare. 

I couldn’t go back to work without … something. And there were no jackets in my car. (why would there be? oh, because I often have some kind of nifty little jacket in my car.)  I walked deeper into the mall. Someone had to have something, quick, inexpensive, and perfect. OK, I could ditch the “perfect” part.

J. Jill loomed ahead. Mmmm, well, not my fave, too loose, too blocky.  But we’re talking about lunchhour power shopping. I zipped in. Yes, I could use help in  finding any type of jacket, maybe a sweater. The first two items the salesperson presented were like tissue.  I don’t do tissue. That’s for teens.

She had energy, though and kept going. We both searched the racks. I ended up with five things to try on and  in about 12 minutes, walked out with two:  a structured navy sweater and a white denim jacket.  The salesperson very kindly cut the tags off the sweater.  I put it on before walking back into the office. “Hey, that’s a nice sweater,” a colleague said.

Phew. I felt better.

Cut Samson’s hair and he’s powerless. Take away my  blazers and boyfriend jackets, and I’m , well, shy.

Only thing was, I fell into another faux pas. Sweater was navy. (top and pants were white and grey.) Shoes were black. Not a match. I’m pretty sure no one noticed, though.


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§ 7 Responses to editing my outfits …

  • laylou says:

    J Jill, eh? Never would have guessed. A white denim jack is so summery. Love the idea =)

    Trust me, the folks you work with didn’t notice the color of your shoes, the big dorks that they are!

  • Py zahn says:

    Geez, can I relate to that moment when you think you’re hot stuff and then you get a glimpse in an unexpected mirror and your stomach does a flip…..ugh, not so hot. Been there too many times.

    But according to the folks from What Not To Wear and also, Mark Jacobs, black shoes with navy is a-ok. Not to worry. They’ve even given me the courage to wear brown with black.

  • jeanie says:

    So, one time when visiting Rick’s aunt, another aunt snapped our photos — him in his little skinny bike body and me in a tank top. Last time I wore one of those. My arms were bigger than his head (part of that was the angle; still, it scared me!) and I looked like Jabba the Hut. I still do, but I have longer sleeves — or, the ever nifty jacket. There is NOTHING like catching a glimpse of yourself in a window to send you flying. And I’m told it’s true with the young and lithe, too. I don’t believe it. But I’m told…

  • oh says:

    Laylou – glad you approve the white jacket. Your fashion radar is always excellent!

    Py – I have to get cable (don’t I?) cuz I never see that What Not To Wear. I’m glad they okayed the black and navy. And glad you picked up on that!

    Jeanie – I am seriously working the arm thing. I must. I must. But you do not!!!! Loved your story, though – maybe it’s kinda universal?….nah…

  • anno says:

    I think I was most struck by your good fortune in finding something to buy at the moment when you needed it most; sartorial serendipity never happens when I need it. The fashion spirits were definitely on your side!

  • Care says:

    fun! I can never find anything when I’m specifiically looking for it. But I must thank you for this FASHION post because you’ve reminded me about a consignment store that had cool cowboy books for $10 that I want to try on…

  • oh says:

    A – you’re right; the fashion spirits were afoot that afternoon!

    Hi, Care – hope you got those cowboy boots!

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