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June 15, 2009 § 9 Comments

It’s a bleating rain – it whines as it falls through the air and smashes against the windows.
It’s nice to have an office with windows.
My desk is layered with papers and books turned to pages I will read.
A manual that will explain a quirk in a piece of software I’m using lies open.

All kinds of space, an entire day, yawn open. The opportunity to write sits there. Yet there is no room to write at the desk and no urge to clean everything off, something that could be done in one fell swoop, a grand gesture, something cinematic that sends papers flying, stacks of letters and photos pshooshed to the floor, bits of ephemera and things saved for some reason – all, all whisked to the carpet below.  I clean best that way. Take everything out, put back only what’s necessary and do so  in an organized manner.
But not now.

I wander to my bookshelf. Who calls? what book calls to be opened and read while the storm lashes?
I choose Mary Oliver. Last week, a fellow blooger (was it ds?) posted one of Oliver’s poems. It was the perfect post.

Poetry is such a good place to go. We’d be lost without poets, without the pictures they take and translate to paper and make or without the  simplicty they render, all things translated, making us remember, making us see and remember what’s true.


(pictured: The book was a gift.  The shell is from the beach at Sanibel.)Here’s a piece of a poem about rain from Ms. Oliver:


RAIN  – Mary Oliver
All afternoon it rained, then
such power came down from the clouds
on a yellow thread,
as authoritative as God is supposed to be.
When it hit the tree, her body
opened forever.
(from NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, VOLUME ONE, Beacon Press: 1992)


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§ 9 Responses to moments …

  • Carrie says:

    just returned that very book to the library. word inspiration indeed.

  • Lys says:

    that poem is so short and to the point, but she uses such great words to describe the storm. i love the way she says the tree was split by “her body opened forever.” beautiful. i need to read and write more poetry.

  • lalber says:

    That was wonderful. I need to read more poetry. I say swipe off the desk in a grand gesture! Maybe you’ll break a thesaurus while you’re at it! 😉

  • laylou says:

    some of my favorite poems are about rain. seriously.

  • Arti says:

    Love your picture of the ‘dog-eared’ book and the poem… the mood it conveys. I’ve just come back from a huge used book sale and posted a list of my ‘loots’. Lucky that I could find a book of poetry from one of my faves, the Canadian poet Margaret Avison. Poetry, in rain or shine.

  • oh says:

    Carrie – Synchronicity!

    Lys – yes, yes! Write poetry! Surely there is not enough of it, at least not out loud, in the world. Write and write some more!

    Hi, Lisa, Yessir, i’m gonna go in my office tonight and show that out-of-control desk who’s who. And I need to just plain throw out lots of paper (stuff.) Stay tuned…!

    Laylou – That’s right! You and rain! There are some wonderful other poems in that book. I must lend it to you!

    Arti – thanks! And glad to hear about Avison because I never have before. Saw the picture you took of your loot – wonderful!

  • jeanie says:

    The grand fell swoop to clear the desk. I need to do that. A LOT!

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