Texas in a Lexus …

July 1, 2009 § 4 Comments

texas map

(all photos from Google images)

OK, well I wasn’t really in a Lexus (I was in a Sonata which is not the worst rental car in the worl) but  Lexus rhymes with the big hat state and sometimes you just have to write a bad line. 

We had four days of biz in the Alamo City and I had no (time for) Internet, only a little phone  time (I kept forgetting to keep it on me rather than in my purse and anyway, it was set on “vibrate”   which of course makes it impossible to hear if you’re getting a call from more than 10 feet away.



(above: the Alamo; just above: the Riverwalk)

I thought I would at least do a lot of reading, but no.  I took magazines to bed and fell asleep with the light on and the mags stacked neatly nearby. I thought I might even do some writing – ahahahaha! And pictures?  I took only a few at the new office.

And after all, I do love Texas. How on earth did that ever happen? I dunno. And I have nothing of it to show you. Just take my word for it.


(San Antonio at night)

Oh yeah, BTW,  it’s bliss to be home.


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§ 4 Responses to Texas in a Lexus …

  • jeanie says:

    My summer neighbor at the lake winters in Alamo. (I’m hoping she’s back this summer — haven’t seen her yet and she’s 100.) Know what you mean about vibrate. It’s almost like “why bother?”

  • Lys says:

    i’ve only been through the panhandle of texas, so i really only stopped in amarillo. i couldn’t believe how flat it was in the northern part of the state. not a hill or bump in the landscape to be found!

  • oh says:

    Jeanie – San Antonio would be an awesome place to winter – I hadn’t thought of that! And it’s has tons of writers there and active ones, like Cisneros, who get writers together and I believe even sponsors a writers’ convention of sorts – I should look into that.

    Lys – TX, I guess like a lot of states (I dun’t know for sure) is a mass of wonderful contradictions. And it’s fun to observe the “style” and I gotta say, I’m rather fond of ridiculous cowboy hats and they have some boots that are funky (besides the point-toed cowboy style.) But we didn’t have time to get into a boot shop. Next time!!!

  • shoreacres says:

    Texas does have a variety – if you bounce from the East Texas forests to the Davis Mountains and Big Bend to South Padre’s white sand beaches to the coastal prairie to the high plains and Palo Duro Canyon, you’ll feel like you’ve been in…. uh…. that would be six states, and I’m sure we could find a couple more. Throw in the cities and the tiny, gingerbread villages and there’s something for everyone.

    There! How’s that for C of C fare! All true, too. Glad you enjoyed your latest trip!

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