My little breakfast companions … of the non-literary type

July 5, 2009 § 10 Comments

Baking pie, frying bacon, doing laundry, drinking coffee, blogging around and listening to the sunflower seeds get cracked and flung  to the bricks by my little breakfast companions.

DSCN6506Yes, this is my good side. You can snap the photo now! NOW!


I just can’t get enough of these things. They’re like, addicting, ya’ know? Little wonder that those baseball players are always eating ’em but you can’t get a good swoop onto a baseball field much less into the dugout to get a crack at the ones they can’t handle and spit on the ground.

I’m going down there onto that feeder as soon as those mighty mite finches get off all the eating posts. I’m a patient love bird. I’ll just wait my turn.


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§ 10 Responses to My little breakfast companions … of the non-literary type

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m watching mine, now. I’m thrilled to death to see my mockingbird with the injured foot healing before my eyes. I’ve substituted golden raisins for her sweet cherries – more energy in a smaller package, and less trouble to eat on one foot!

    I was getting tired of the pigeons until the lovely brown one with bright white decoration showed up. I can’t bear to shoo her away, so I guess her friends will stay, too!

  • So cute! I love finches. Our breakfast companions are deer and fawns these days.

  • anno says:

    They’re charming! Great pictures, too.

  • laylou says:

    what kind of birds are the red ones? Baby Cardinals or some new type?

  • qugrainne says:

    Cheep cheep – I am getting yelled at… I haven’t filled the bird feeder in a week! Yikes, thanks for the reminder. They are wonderful to watch. What are your red birds??

  • jeanie says:

    Birds are such fun to watch — the Gypsy and I do it often! Great pix — they’re hard to shoot!

  • what lovely birds, and yes I also need to ask what they are….

  • oh says:

    Ah, Shore – a mockingbird who surely is indebted for the golden raisins. (there’s a story in there somewhere, if not, at least, a story title!) and oh those pigeons. persistent. with silly walks. and yet…companionable in an odd way.

    Jen – you have the four-footed breakfast guests – how sweet that must be – fawns! do they get used to people? Ours come and go like ghosts – you never see them, only what’s left of the flowers. but that’s ok. HM says plant enough for everyone. egads.

    Anno – I’ll bet you have wonderful creatures on your property, though! I imagine this wonderful wild-but-disney kind of place. Hope the trees you planted are thriving!

    Laylou and Crafty GP – these little guys are purple finches. I thought they were red finches (but I cheated on saturating the photos a bit) and the book says they are absolutely purple finches!

    Jeanie – I swear that when I’m in the house looking out the patio windows, the birds flock to the feeder, do funny things, have fabulous expressions and whoop it up. So I get outside, ever so quietly, with my camera, I barely move, I wear camou clothing (not really) and I wait and finally they come to the feeder and pretty much, they keep their tailfeathers to me and now and then look over their shoulder…as though i’d sneak up on ’em? Anyway, yes, they are hard to get…but I’ll keep trying!
    Q – Yup, these are finhes and it’s pretty funny your feathered fellas are ever so politely cheeping for some seeds! (gosh, ya’ know? ya feed them once or one hundred times and they keep coming back!)

  • Joanne says:

    Oooh, how lucky to enjoy watching these birds! In NZ, or at least outside my window I get to meet kingfishers in winter and fantails through most of the year, occasionally some exotic colourful looking bird which looks like it might have escaped from someone’s loving home, there are grey herons that live in the pine trees across the reserve too and sometimes we hear the warble of a kereru (wood pigeon) or the trill of a tui – what a melody! I love your purple finches – especially that ‘good side’ pose. Cute.

  • Care says:

    wow! what a COOL bird!

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