Home again home again jiggety jig …

July 21, 2009 § 8 Comments

Home from the Crescent City aka NOLA, a place that most associate with Katrina (not to be taken lightly), with Mardi Gras, with Bourbon St. (it smells like pee  season-regardless) and with Jazz (how many cities are the birthplace of jazz?), we walked in, plunked down our bags, took a look around and sighed that sigh that goes with the little red shoes…home sweet home.

It is a fine thing to live in another city even for 8 days and 8 nights, in a huge old house made of stone and glass and giant crafted tiles, with ceilings 15 feet high and windows and doors just as high, and fans and two balconies on each of two floors and a private little courtyard with hammock and bbq, several bedrooms, more than enough baths and enough lights and switches to make a mood-setter swoon.  And just down the street, take a right on Magazine St. (can you believe it? “magazine” street?!), there is everything you need to “make” a home including food shopping, sno-cone boutiques, coffeehouses, boutique restaurants, clothing, art, antiques, etc.

It is a fine thing to get to know a city without a map, without a tourist guide, without a guide.  It is a fine thing to hear its church bells ring on Sunday and the school bells ring on summer weekdays and the buses, the streetcars and the etceteras go by on the main streets while you are sequestered in a residential area. It is a fine thing to cook in big old kitchen and gather everone around the big old stone table and drink ice cold drinks without the ice because the drinks are chilled and the glasses are chilled. It is a fine thing to see the slant of the sun all the live long day no matter where you are walking or standing and think, wow, a day is a lovely long thing… And it is a fine thing to encounter so many friendly people who have stories great and small to tell. And it is a fine thing to see the strength and steeliness of such a city that is yet somehow so fragile and lovely that we all pitch in to make sure it endures.

There are many tales to tell.

In the meantime, this is where we were…


and this is where we are … home again home again jiggety jig!

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§ 8 Responses to Home again home again jiggety jig …

  • Nora says:

    Palm trees. Oh, how I miss them.
    I think I need a fake one. =)

  • anno says:

    It all sounds lovely — must admit, though, it’s good to see you back!

  • jeanie says:

    Welcome back, my friend! So happy to see (and read) your words once again. Yes, no place like home but boy, what a great home away from home you had! It sounds divine (and I’m looking forward to hearing more. I suspect there was no lack of photo opportunities!

  • seachanges says:

    Yes, home sweet home: why do we bother with holidays??? Is it just to come back and appreciate what we have and where we live?

  • ds says:

    Welcome back! Have never been to NOLA; eagerly await whatever stories and/or photos you wish to share (so far, it sounds wonderful).

  • shoreacres says:

    East or West, home is best! But NOLA is pretty darned good, too, and those who call NOLA home are the best at making visitors feel at home. Your time had to be wonderful – I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!

    You had to have had beignets – oh, please tell me you did!

  • Joanne says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  • Arti says:

    Magazine Street?! … hope you’d caught up with some reading(?) Anyway, this sure sounds like a relaxing and terrific trip.

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