Book Reviewology… on JANEOLOGY, that is …

August 22, 2009 § 5 Comments

Not long ago, I won a book from Karen Harrington. It was, in fact, the book she wrote: JANEOLOGY.  It came in the mail, brand new, shiny cover, and paper all pristine and ink scented.  (i  know, i know, it’s not really the ink that offers that scent, but…)

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect though I’m familiar with Karen’s blog and it’s funny and smart. I knew the story centered on the reason for a  homicide, committed by a man’ s beloved wife, and how perhaps her DNA and some quirk/flaw/tragedy within her DNA allowed it to happen. Sad, disturbing, and told in the first person by the husband, who you do not really get to know, but he’s not the story, only the narrator. The story pops with some surprises.

And so I read the first chapter of the book, met the characters, got familiar with the setting, got the set up. Read the second chapter. Then the third. And then, more  pages into it, with the introduction of  a new character, a relative who has psychic abilities, the story moved in another, somewhat unexpected direction. And here Harrington sets the hook.  Good tension, good drama. Good storytelling. Nope, not gonna take you through who did what to whom and why and etcetera.  But I will  tout the structure of the story.
Yes, read it.

There’s a luxury in “knowing” an author, too, even if only virtually.  It makes the book “closer” somehow, even better, I think. I’ll share the book but marking it a “boomerang,” so that it comes back to our shelves each time.

And I just might send Karen the bookmark that came with the book and ask her to autograph it. Yup, shameless, I am.



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§ 5 Responses to Book Reviewology… on JANEOLOGY, that is …

  • justicejenniferreads says:

    This book sounds so interesting! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read. Adding it to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing the review.

  • Kim L says:

    I do enjoy Harrington’s blog as well. Although I didn’t completely buy into the structure of this book, I really loved her writing and I will totally read whatever books she publishes next.

  • anno says:

    Interesting premise… I should very much like to see how Ms. Harrington carries this one out. It’s on my list!

  • Megan says:

    Harrington’s book definitely sounds interesting… I’ve seen a few reviews and been intrigued! And that’s awesome you won it from the author. Yay! 🙂 I’ll look for it!

  • Karen H. says:

    Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon your post? Thanks so much. Coming from a blogger I admire, your review is quite meaningful to me. And of course, I would love to sign your bookmark. 🙂

    Thanks again!


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