summer is van goghing, going …fall

September 3, 2009 § 14 Comments


sunflower on our old oak  table

What should I blog about tonight? i asked HM.
He paused and looked down at his hands folded over his napkin on the table. I wondered for a shriek of a moment if he were going to say “skip it” or “how about letting it go for now” or worst of all ” what difference does it make?” No, he didn’t say any of those things though I might have told them to myself. 
HM said, “The end of summer. Blog about the end of summer.”

I don’t want to admit that summer is fleeing.  Fleeting. Dissipating like the morning mist that rises off the pool. No, no! Don’t cool off. Stay warm. Come on, look! We’re putting on our suits and jumping into the water –  come on! Allow us the dog days of summer we always, always get here in STL. 

It is always difficult to let go of summer. Yet I grew up with the four seasons. Nevertheless, this Pisces woulnd’t mind a Carribean existence.

I love sunlight. I love water, heat-shimmered air,  blues and greens, the ocean, swimming, easy clothes, bare feet, long days.

Yes, I’ll love the leaves and the snappy, smoky smells of autumn. It’s the transition that ‘s so darn difficult. In the meantime, there’s September VOGUE.


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§ 14 Responses to summer is van goghing, going …fall

  • anno says:

    Summer may be fleeting, but this picture will be something to hold onto during the darkest days to come. Even better than September VOGUE: gorgeous, alive, with color to warm your soul.

  • Celeste Maia says:

    What a wonderful explosion of Van Gogh’s yellow sunflower! That flower is to be kept in a special liquid so it lasts very long and brightens the dark months ahead.
    I grew up in Mozambique, so there were only two seasons, very hot and slightly less hot. Now I am ready for the four season, and Fall happens to be my favorite. I am looking forward to those crisp days ahead. The summer is still so ferocious here in Madrid!

  • ds says:

    Perfect photo! You could frame it to hang on the wall & have a piece of summer with you all the time…I suppose these transitions are more or less difficult depending on whether we look at them as endings, or beginnings. Hmmm. Yes, I’m having trouble with that one, too. Happy weekend!

  • jeanie says:

    Sunflowers knock my socks off — the ultimate transition flower, and this one is beautiful.

    Summer — what summer, those of us in Michigan are saying! Finally, a weekend in the 70s and maybe (gasp, could it be?) 80? With sun? I think I’ve fallen into a zone of a beautiful world I’ve only imagined these past few months! Yes, fall is lovely. No complaints (except for its proximity to winter). But just a little more summer, please?

  • Hi, Oh 😀
    “I love sunlight. I love water, heat-shimmered air, blues and greens, the ocean, swimming, easy clothes, bare feet, long days.” Heavenly encapsulation of summer…and I couldn’t agree more!

    You have a lovely blog! I will be back often.
    Thanks for reminding me of happy, relaxing and beautiful things.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  • gorgeous sunflower, I agree that it’s the loss of summer that’s more difficult than the coming of Autumn.

  • madeleine says:

    Oh, my!!! What a gorgeous sunflower!

    OUPS! I see you are also participating in Bellezza’s challenge.

  • Arti says:

    Just beautiful! And great title too… If only you could preserve and can it for winter. I went to a farmer’s market at a small town today and I could feel the cool fall breeze. This is one blazingly warm keepsake of summer 09!

  • Becca says:

    Wow, that sunflower made me grin! They are so bold and beautiful…they definitely fit their name!

    I do hate to see the end of summer. Ours has been absolutely perfect (in terms of weather, at least!)

  • Anni says:

    Nice photo!
    Bye-bye summer, welcome autumn!
    But never forget, the autumn also has its own beauty. 😉

  • shoreacres says:

    A beautiful sunflower ~ and especially lovely to look at because ours are dried up, broken and bent, crispy, faded in the incessant heat.

    We try not to complain, but – take our summer. Please?!? We’ll even gift wrap it for you and pay the postage. It’s all yours!

  • Kim L says:

    I do actually like fall weather, but it is so sad to say goodbye to summer, because I know that winter will be coming eventually, and it lasts way too long and gets way too cold here.

    Beautiful picture!

  • Kirby Ikuta says:

    J’appr�cie ,vous avez vu juste ici, j’adore ce que vous d�clarez et la fa�on dont vous le dites.

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